Understanding Marriage


We are in 21st cen­tu­ry and now gen­er­a­tion under­stands every rela­tion­ship every sin­gle thing with a prop­er exam­ple.

In every pro­fes­sion there are some set of rules which we fol­low as to get per­fect result take it any for exam­ple doc­tor- diag­nos­ing, treat­ment & fol­low ups … or as an IT pro­fes­sion­al project going live.…

Let’s under­stand mar­riage in way of any project !!!

PROJECT # Very first thing is let’s get the client ready as we are more capa­ble and have resources to com­plete on time.

MARRIAGE# Would be bride or groom is ready for mar­riage with right age, good job , finan­cial­ly sound time to find per­fect match to set­tle him/her.

PROJECT # Client is ready to meet us ..let’s pre­pare the best pre­sen­ta­tion, prop­er­ly dressed to give feel & look of pro­fes­sion­al (pres­sure& tense)

MARRIAGE # Wow found a good match lets meet look good , be ready for ques­tions like hob­bies, future plans and elder one will ask “khana banana aata hai” … Look per­fect … Par­lour n all set but same here (pres­sure & tense )

PROJECT # Hap­py team returned as they got the project now impor­tant part comes infor­ma­tion gath­er­ing & design­ing. Full con­cen­tra­tion on the­se as client should not com­plain.

MARRIAGE # Hap­py fam­i­ly mar­riage set­tled but now time comes to set­tle down oth­er things how to do this mar­riage , venue, expec­ta­tions of groom fam­i­ly, cater­ing & all. After all we also don’t want to give any sin­gle rea­son to any guest to com­plain.
PROJECT # Now comes devel­op­ment part along with test­ing. Do it nice­ly and test all bugs before deliv­ered to client.

MARRIAGE # D-day which is a dream for every bride & groom which can be turned out as best day for them with prepa­ra­tions, dec­o­ra­tions & catering…check all this so no guest return back with a com­pal­in (bug) in heart.

PROJECT # Project gone live .… But is this an end of your devel­op­ment of a project and deliv­er­ing to client ?

MARRIAGE # With bless­ings mar­riage done …but is this where respon­si­bil­i­ty ends real­ly or starts?

Well , answer is NO, nei­ther project ends here now mar­riage respon­si­bil­i­ty… As project needs main­te­nance for long run and upda­tion …

Mar­riage in real sense starts after this which not only demands under­stand­ing, care, love, bal­anc­ing work & home but also respect & upda­tion in fam­i­ly.

Now the actu­al project & actu­al mar­riage respon­si­bil­i­ty start.…

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  1. A well lead mar­ried life is noth­ing but com­plet­ing well the Sacred Project given thru’ the dis­charge of pri­ma­ry respon­si­bil­i­ties laid out there in.. A nice com­par­ison brought out!

  2. Hahah.. wow.. the way u took mar­riage in par­al­lel to a project is quite amus­ing. But the last line is too good and even i heard some­where, real mar­ried life starts after hon­ey­moon till then it’s all fan­ta­sy and dream world. Such cre­ativ­i­ty 🙂

  3. Sure mar­riage requires life long effort to main­tain.. And it should always be han­dled with love and care.


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