Understanding Marriage


We are in 21st century and now generation understands every relationship every single thing with a proper example.

In every profession there are some set of rules which we follow as to get perfect result take it any for example doctor- diagnosing, treatment & follow ups … or as an IT professional project going live….

Let’s understand marriage in way of any project !!!

PROJECT # Very first thing is let’s get the client ready as we are more capable and have resources to complete on time.

MARRIAGE# Would be bride or groom is ready for marriage with right age, good job , financially sound time to find perfect match to settle him/her.

PROJECT # Client is ready to meet us ..let’s prepare the best presentation, properly dressed to give feel & look of professional (pressure& tense)

MARRIAGE # Wow found a good match lets meet look good , be ready for questions like hobbies, future plans and elder one will ask “khana banana aata hai” … Look perfect … Parlour n all set but same here (pressure & tense )

PROJECT # Happy team returned as they got the project now important part comes information gathering & designing. Full concentration on these as client should not complain.

MARRIAGE # Happy family marriage settled but now time comes to settle down other things how to do this marriage , venue, expectations of groom family, catering & all. After all we also don’t want to give any single reason to any guest to complain.
PROJECT # Now comes development part along with testing. Do it nicely and test all bugs before delivered to client.

MARRIAGE # D-day which is a dream for every bride & groom which can be turned out as best day for them with preparations, decorations & catering…check all this so no guest return back with a compalin (bug) in heart.

PROJECT # Project gone live …. But is this an end of your development of a project and delivering to client ?

MARRIAGE # With blessings marriage done …but is this where responsibility ends really or starts?

Well , answer is NO, neither project ends here now marriage responsibility… As project needs maintenance for long run and updation …

Marriage in real sense starts after this which not only demands understanding, care, love, balancing work & home but also respect & updation in family.

Now the actual project & actual marriage responsibility start….

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. A well lead married life is nothing but completing well the Sacred Project given thru’ the discharge of primary responsibilities laid out there in.. A nice comparison brought out!

  2. Hahah.. wow.. the way u took marriage in parallel to a project is quite amusing. But the last line is too good and even i heard somewhere, real married life starts after honeymoon till then it’s all fantasy and dream world. Such creativity 🙂

  3. Yes!! It’s absolutely true real marriage starts after honeymoon…n real test of how you carry your relationship!!

  4. Well, this is an interesting take on marriage. Unique comparison 🙂

  5. Thanks next 14 days too u get to read new n unique posts on marriage n relationship!!

  6. Haha.. Nice read! Good to know the similarity between project lifecycle and Marriage lifecycle. It will definitely help the bachelors for sure 🙂

  7. Marriage is a big challenge ! beautiful written !

  8. Well said all have to learn Project Management life cycle and implement it in their marriages???

  9. Sure marriage requires life long effort to maintain.. And it should always be handled with love and care.


  10. Thanks for wonderful n valuable comments it means a lot ….

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