Well after shar­ing what mar­riage is all about in terms of project man­age­ment sys­tem today I am shar­ing my view­point on term “DOWRY” which is very com­mon in mar­riages.

If you have a daugh­ter what I heard par­ents starts invest­ment since her birth …well my par­ents must have done and now ques­tion is should I start doing same as they did.…

Well my father tried a lot to set­tle down my eldest sis­ter mar­riage with­out dowry as he was again­st it, he has given her mat­ri­mo­ni­al ad in TOI start­ing “LOOKING FOR PERFECT MATCH WITHOUT DOWRY.…...” Trust me respon­se was there but final­ly dowry term turned in GIFTS TO DAUGHTER.

Now com­ing to the point if I ask brides par­ents “Why are you ready to give this GIFT TO YOUR DAUGHTER ?” I’m sure about the reply that they would say “It’s for her future ..for her new life” seri­ous­ly is that this word DOWRY means. A gift which is cho­sen by groom par­ents but given by bride par­ents… Does that lit­tle amount of cash is only hap­pi­ness and suf­fi­cient for their daugh­ter for life long.

Same ques­tion if I ask grooms par­ents “Why you ACCEPT GIFT(Dowry)  from brides par­ents ?” Answer would be “it’s their way to show hap­pi­ness and bless­ings to their daugh­ter.”

On name of some old rit­u­als and cus­toms girls par­ents keep giv­ing and boy’s par­ents keep ask­ing about this DOWRY. But I don’t blame grooms par­ents alone it’s a mis­take by both the par­ties equal­ly, & this so called GIFT nev­er reached to new­ly mar­ried cou­ple for their hap­pi­ness.

Now com­ing to how to change this DOWRY 2 WOWry.

Till now what I have seen n learned that both the par­ents (bride & groom) wants one com­mon thing HAPPINESS OF NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE. Let’s change few things in DOWRY and turn it to WOWry ..

WOWry terms#

1: Cre­ate one joint account of Bride & groom with with­drawal lock­ing peri­od of min­i­mum 5 years.

  1.  As par­ents want hap­pi­ness of bride & groom both par­ents deposit equal amount in that account for hap­pi­ness of their new­ly mar­ried cou­ple.
  2. Let’s say both par­ty togeth­er deposit ?5lac each …with 5 years of lock­ing peri­od that ?10 lac can’t buy hap­pi­ness for life long so what to do??

  3. Every anniver­sary both par­ents deposit same amount as they start­ed with(after all every year they want them to be hap­py)

Now account is in lock­ing peri­od.

Every wom­en today want & speak about equal­i­ty so this is time to show and stand equal­ly with your hus­band share the load of new life togeth­er which would be cher­ished till end of life ‚earn take respon­si­bil­i­ty of EMIs , gro­cery and every small to big things start new life with love & under­stand­ing.

We talk about equal­i­ty today so let’s share this equal­ly and change this DOWRY2­WOWry.

It’s only we who can bring change to this mon­ster rit­u­al called DOWRY.

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