9 Tips To Manage Diabetes During The Wedding Season 

If you are a diabetic person or a caregiver check out how to manage diabetes during wedding season or any celebration.

Winter is here and you are all geared up to attend the wedding events and go all-out.  

You might love to eat sweets and deep-fried foods, but you are not having them due to diabetes.  Therefore, wedding events and parties become the best options for you to give a try to as many foods as you see.  

This is not wise at all, especially when you are someone with diabetes and need to keep a check on what you eat, how much to exercise and monitor your glucose levels.  

Here we cover all the necessary tips you need to know so that your festive delights are at their peak and you don’t refrain from your enjoyment of food. Let’s explore. 

Tips To Manage Diabetes During Celebrations  

  • Go with Better Planning:  

During the wedding and festive season, planning helps you most to keep your glucose levels within target range. If you have a wedding event to attend in the coming days, start your planning before the day arrives. 

For this purpose, you can plan to opt for eating only healthy snacks. However, you need to choose snacks that consist of low-calorie counts and high fiber. 

In addition, it will be better if you can skip fried foods and sauces as they have salt, sugar, and hidden calories. If you are a dessert lover, don’t shy away to choose fruit-based desserts but remember to keep the portions small. 

  • Keep Drinking Adequate Water:  

Drinking water keeps you hydrated. We often mistake thirst for hunger and reach out to eat snacks or unhealthy foods.  

Remember that when you are at a party, you can opt for drinking water or fruit juices, or lime water instead of having sugary drinks. Whenever you are choosing a beverage, try to opt for a zero-calorie drink or go for simple water. 

  • Avoid Skipping Meals:  

Many people go for skipping meals during the wedding season. Because of their involvement in the event or their enjoyment through the season, they keep skipping meals.

But it is harmful to your health if you have diabetes. Therefore, try to have your meals to avoid fluctuations in your glucose levels. It important to be vigilant and manage diabetes during wedding functions and year-end parties.  

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Manage Diabetes during wedding
  • Monitor Your Glucose Level:  

When you have diabetes, regular monitoring of your glucose level is a must.  

However, if you are planning to attend wedding events, then you must be careful about monitoring your sugar level regularly as festivities may cause changes in your glucose level and you need to  be aware of that. 

These days, we have the benefit of Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices. They help in checking your glucose levels on a continuous basis without any hassle of blood tests or painful finger  pricking and you can adjust your food intake accordingly. 

For this purpose, you can use the FreeStyle Libre system. It helps in getting accurate, stable, and consistent monitoring of your glucose level.  

This wearable device monitors the glucose level with the help of a small sensor. The data generated by this system will give you an insight into the actionable trends and patterns in the glucose level. 

Therefore, you can make better decisions about your dietary changes and insulin dosage with the FreeStyle Libre system.  

  • Avoid Bakery Foods and Deep-fried Foods:  

Bakery foods are usually high in calories. Therefore, if you eat more of them, it may cause an increase in your glucose levels.  

Similarly, you must avoid sugar-laden and deep-fried foods at the wedding event. For instance, stay away from foods like jalebis, rasgullas, kachoris, etc. 

Instead, choose healthy snacks like dates, roasted or baked dishes etc. You can also eat a high fiber snack before attending the event.  

Similarly, you can carry some nuts or healthy snacks to eat between meals. This way, you can curb your cravings.  

  • Have a Check on Carbohydrate rich foods:  

Eating simple carbs impact your glucose level. Therefore, you must limit having refined and processed carbohydrates. 

On the other hand, you can opt for low glycaemic foods and fiber-rich whole foods. These may include oats, apples, carrots, beans, etc. Eating these foods will help you stay healthy during the festivities.

  • Carry Your Medicines:  

If you are traveling to another city to attend a function, it’s important to carry your medicines with you. Skipping your medicines may affect your glucose levels and cause health complications.  

  • Workout Regularly:  

Daily exercise or yoga sessions help you control your glucose level significantly. When you have diabetes, if you can indulge in physical activities on a regular basis, it helps your body be more  sensitive to insulin.  

Doing exercise or yoga will be beneficial for your health during the wedding season. For this purpose, you may include these exercises in your daily routine: 

• Aerobic Exercises 

• Wall Push-ups 

• Side Raises 

• Chair Raises 

• Bicep Curls 

Concluding Thoughts: 

One of the main things you need to remember is you must be relaxed and stress-free during the wedding season. The more you will curb your stress level, the better you will be able to manage diabetes. 

Therefore, you must avoid stressing over your food or lifestyle habits during the wedding season.  Instead, you need to plan for the events in terms of food and exercise and monitor your glucose levels on a regular basis.  

You can know more about Continuous Glucose Monitoring here.  

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