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Super 30

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On occasion of teachers day, nothing could be better to start my #FlickFling with “SUPER 30” an upcoming biopic on an amazing teacher and guide who not only given values to his students but also a right path to reach their dream.

Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu 

Guru Devo Maheshwaraha 

Guru Saakshat Para Brahma

 Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha

This is the learning we all have received and passing to our generations. Today, I will also take a chance to wish my each and every teacher in life starting from my mom, my first teacher till now each one from whom I am learning a very Happy teachers day. Let the light of knowledge never goes off.

Who is Anand Kumar? 

Anand Kumar, a man who dare to chase his dreams and follow his passion to succeed with an ambition to serve for kids who need him the most. Born on 1st January 1973, to a below middle-class family in Patna, Bihar to hard-working parents, where his father was a clerk in the postal department of India.

His father tried giving his best to his son an education in terms of what he could effort, Anand Kumar went to Hindi medium government school and there he discovered that he just love mathematics the most.

After passing from Patna high school, he submitted papers on number theory, which were published in Mathematical Spectrum and The Mathematical Gazette while being in graduation. 

He lost an opportunity to study at Cambridge University, where he grabbed admission due to the financial condition and his father’s death, but as it is said God help those who dare to dream and walk on it to fulfill them.

Supporting his mother for the family he started selling papad during the evening with his mother to support her small business and in the daytime, he just work on his mathematics. 

Foundation of Super 30

Super 30

Since his mother business was not enough to support his family, he rented a place in 500 rs and started giving tuitions of mathematics to students and class which was started with two students turned out to 36 in one year and almost 500 students in 3 years of time and known as the Ramanujan School of Mathematics (RSM)

The year 2000, when a poor student came for coaching for IIT-JEE who couldn’t effort fees due to poverty, Anand Kumar was motivated and there he comes up with an idea of Super 30. 

In May 2002, his institute the Ramanujan School of Mathematics conducted tests for Super 30 program for economically backward students who were seeking admission in IIT-Jee, and he selected perfect 30 students for his guidance to crack it.

Super 30 gained popularity with his vision and guidance wherein 2003-2017, 391 students out of 450 have made it to the IITs. In 2010, all the students of Super 30 cleared IIT JEE entrance making it a three in a row for the institution.

With the latest data, in 2017, 30 out of 30 students in 2018, 26 out of 30 students cleared the prestigious IIT JEE examination

No funds, no financial support, no government support and strictly saying no to donation this man behind so many successful IIT students raised funds by his Ramanujan School of Mathematics evening classes in Patna. 

Today, he is an Indian mathematician, educationalist and a columnist for various national and international mathematical journals and magazines. He is a teacher who is making his student’s life worth and meaningful.

Know more about this Super 30 on their website.

Super 30 Movie

Co-produced and directed by Vikas Bahl, Super 30 is an upcoming biopic of this amazing teacher Anand kumar shaping a life of his students. 

Releasing on 12th July 2019 starring Hrithik Roshan. I am looking forward to watching this biopic, till then enjoy the teaser …here

Hats off to such an amazing teacher. He reminds me of my maths teacher and all the other teachers too because of whom I am what I am today.

Do let me know if you are excited too for this upcoming biopic

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  1. Wow!Great to know about Anand Kumar. Looking forward to watching his biopic

  2. I have heard a lot about him and loved the way you are bringing his inspirational life story to everyone.

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  4. DIdn’t really know of such a person as I’m from a different part of the country. Thanks for enlightening me!

  5. I had heard about this movie releasing soon, but to be honest, had no clue about the context. Thanks for sharing. And its about time, we have movies on real superheroes and not just fictional.

  6. Such an awesome and inspiring post on this teacher’s day.

  7. looking forward to this one… I feel Hrithik can really pull it off.

  8. So glad you choosed to write about him. He is really worth all the praise

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  10. Pankti Hemant Parmar

    Wow! I’ve read about this person MrAnand long time ago when he came on the sets of KBC which inspired me too much! Can’t wait to see Hrithik Roshan portray him in the movie Super 30.

  11. I have not seen this movie yet but have heard great reviews about it. Truly he is a great teacher.

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  13. awsome! all the articles are very nice and useful thanks fo sharing with us

  14. awsome! all the articles are very nice and useful thanks for sharing with us

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