Story of Karwachauth

Kar­va is anoth­er word for ‘pot’ (a small earth­en pot of water) and chau­th means ‘fourth’ in Hindi (a ref­er­ence to the fact that the fes­ti­val falls on the fourth day of the dark-fort­night, or krish­na pak­sh, of the mon­th of Kar­tik).

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Kar­wa Chau­th is a fast under­tak­en by mar­ried Hin­du wom­en who offer prayers seek­ing the wel­fare, pros­per­i­ty, well-being, and longevi­ty of their hus­bands. A mar­ried wom­an who observes this vrat is called ‘Saub­hagya­vati’ (joy­ous and hap­py state of wife­hood).

Story of Karva Chauth

Long time ago, in the city of Indraprastha­pur there was one Brah­min named Ved­shar­ma. Ved­shar­ma was hap­pi­ly mar­ried to Leelavati and had sev­en great sons and one deft daugh­ter named Veer­a­vati. Due to only sis­ter of sev­en broth­ers she was pam­pered not only by her par­ents but also by her broth­ers.

Once she got matured, she was mar­ried to a suit­able Brah­min boy. After mar­riage, when Veer­a­vati was with her par­ents, she observed Kar­wa Chau­th fast­ing for the long life of her hus­band along with her sis­ters-in-laws. Dur­ing the fast­ing of Kar­wa Chau­th Veer­a­vati couldn’t bear the hunger. Due to weak­ness she faint­ed and fell on the ground.

All broth­ers couldn’t bear the mis­er­able con­di­tion of their adorable sis­ter. They knew that Veer­a­vati, a Pativrata, would not take any food unless she sights the moon even if it costs her life. All broth­ers togeth­er made a plan to trick the sis­ter to break her fast. One of the broth­ers climbed on the dis­tant tree of Vat with sieve and lamp. When Veer­a­vati gained the con­scious, rest of the broth­ers told her that the moon has risen and brought her on the roof to sight the moon.

Veer­a­vati saw the lamp behind the sieve on a dis­tant Vat tree and believed that the moon has risen behind the thick­et of tree. To get over her hunger she imme­di­ate­ly made offer­ings to the lamp and broke the fast. celebrate-karva-chauth-step-10-version-2
When Veer­a­vati start­ed hav­ing the meal she got all sorts of bad omen. In the first bite she found the hair, in the sec­ond bite she sneezed and in the third bite she got invi­ta­tion from her in-laws. After reach­ing her hus­bands’ home for the first time she found the dead body of her hus­band.

On see­ing the dead body of her hus­band Veer­a­vati start­ed cry­ing and blamed her­self for com­mit­ting some mis­take dur­ing the fast­ing of Kar­wa Chau­th. She start­ed mourn­ing incon­solably. On lis­ten­ing her mourn­ing God­dess Indrani, the wife of God Indra, arrived to con­sole Veer­a­vati.

Veer­a­vati asked Indrani why she got such a fate on the day of Kar­wa Chau­th and begged to make her hus­band alive. On see­ing the remorse of Veer­a­vati, God­dess Indrani told her that she broke the fast with­out giv­ing Argha (offer­ing) to the moon and due to that her hus­band met untime­ly death. Indrani advised Veer­a­vati to observe Chau­th fast­ing on each mon­th through­out the year includ­ing the fast­ing of Kar­wa Chau­th and assured that her hus­band would come back alive.

After that Veer­a­vati observed karwa-chauth-legendmonth­ly fast­ing with com­plete trust and all rit­u­als. Final­ly due to accu­mu­lat­ing Pun­ya of those fast­ings Veer­a­vati got her hus­band back.”




Hap­py Karwachau­th to all beau­ti­ful ladies !!! Stay blessed.…

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  1. I am not sure how one soul’s action can affect the life of anoth­er soul. I am not con­vinced with the sto­ry.. Nei­ther with the cus­tom major­ly coz its imposed only on wom­en. No offense though. With due respect to the tra­di­tion.

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