10 Social Evils


It’s high time and it’s time to speak up again­st the­se 10 top social evils inside us or in our coun­try, so that we can cre­ate a beau­ti­ful INDIA for our kids & set up an exam­ple for them to fol­low.

  1. Respect : respectRespect for oth­ers is first thing we need to learn .Respect your­self and then you can respect for every sin­gle indi­vid­u­al. You can ONLY EARN respect can’t order some­one to respect you. Give respect to Get respect.
  2. Pay your Tax­es:  hartford-ct-06115-0505-se04rc-clipartIt’s time to show some respon­si­bil­i­ty towards your­self and your bet­ter future and coun­try, please pay tax on time to gov­ern­ment for your bet­ter­ment.
  3.  Swachh Bharat :sample31 Who doesn’t like to eat, sleep and stay in a clean house or place. Take your this respon­si­bil­i­ty seri­ous­ly too to keep your coun­try clean. As this mis­sion start­ed by our hon­or­able PM it’s only we can take this for­ward and show to world that “Yes!! we proud­ly live in SWACHH BHARAT” 
  4. NO GIRL MARRIAGEPrintStand up for the­se lit­tle girls who have full right to enjoy their child­hood , study and make their future bright. Don’t give them respon­si­bil­i­ty of fam­i­ly it’s time fr them to play and enjoy their life.
  5. Med­ical Facil­i­ty:  medicalIt’s our right to get first aid treat­ment, unbaised doc­tors and no long bills to pay hos­pi­tal bills. Med­ical treat­ment right should be same for every indi­vid­u­al and those who can give should stand up and give this equal­ly to all.
  6. Right to Edu­ca­tion:  123_730_333_90Edu­ca­tion is birth right for every child, time to say and proof that girl child is equal to boy child. If you are send­ing your son for edu­ca­tion it’s your daughter’s equal right. If we can edu­cate every child we would be hav­ing great future with so bright kids.
  7. NO to Dowry : dowrySay No to dowry, par­ents giv­ing their daugh­ter their life to you is more than a dowry. be a man with spinal cord and say NO to dowry but…but…but… par­ents who still think dowry is impor­tant for mar­riage request to read my post Dowry to WOWry and take such kind of WOWry.
  8. No vio­lence again­st Wom­en:no_violence_logo You will say ..“I respect wom­en, nev­er mis­be­haved with them but have you ever raised your voice again­st such unwant­ed event like domes­tic vio­lence, rape, eve teas­ing and all…If you see such things , raise voice and help!!
  9. Stand Unit­ed again­st Ter­ror­ism : terrorism-5vIt’s time to show entire world that we are so unit­ed that noone from out­side can break us again­st ter­ror­ism. We have capa­bil­i­ty to show them that unit­ed we can just fin­ish ter­ror­ism. Read my post We can if we want.
  10. STOP Crit­i­ciz­ing : stopcomplainingDo your duties and fol­low rules, there are much more to do for our coun­try rather sit­ting in group gos­sip­ing and crit­i­ciz­ing our sys­tem and India. before speak­ing again­st just look inside your­self and ask “What I have one for this coun­try ?”
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  1. All valid points and I’d like to add one more, respect work­ing wom­en and don’t push then out of work. My only wish is we do what is right to make this world, our soci­ety bet­ter.

  2. Great 10 points what we can do to make India bet­ter as a coun­try and improve the self. The 10’S Nots should be banned and yes­ter­day was telling a friend how I respect his kids and there is order like the typ­i­cal uncle. I hate that social con­struct of being an uncle to chil­dren and show­ing fear.

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