I don’t know how and if you can read this let­ter of mine or not but I want to say SORRY!! SORRY PAPA… there are so many things today for which I real­ly feel sor­ry. 

Wish every sec­ond of my life that GOD should not be so self­ish to call you so ear­ly when we need you more than him. Today with this let­ter I want to say sor­ry for many things:-

Sor­ry Papa, I real­ly feel like cry­ing in spite of your teach­ing of being strong.

Sor­ry Papa, for not being there when you must have thought that my kallu will sure come and see me on 3rd May.

Sor­ry Papa, for being rude to few peo­ple as they hurt us and you taught me to for­give.

Sor­ry Papa, for many unwant­ed rea­sons I might do in future too.

Recent­ly on your birth­day, I post­ed for you on my FB sta­tus, peo­ple may call me stu­pid, show off or what­ev­er but I real­ly don’t care, men­tion­ing you or writ­ing for you no one can stop me..So Sor­ry but I learned from you “Do what your heart says” 

I still miss your let­ters which I used to get in the hostel, wish I can get one again from you here when I feel down. I try always to walk in your teach­ing which your first let­ter sent to me, you men­tioned “You can always add extra salt in any dish if it’s less but tak­ing out excess salt will be impos­si­ble. Life is like that excess of any­thing is bad..” 

Sorry PAPA

Papa, you made all four of us so strong but trust me we all need you every­time of our life. We are hap­py in our life and fam­i­ly but still papa, Nid­hi di needs you for guid­ance every day, Nishi di needs you for learn­ing new things every day, your gullu..Shruti needs you for her hap­py and tough­est time in life and me I need you for my sup­port sys­tem of life and mum­my needs you for every­thing.

Mum­my is still the strongest per­son in our home but she needs you to tell her heart out. She nev­er shows how much she miss­es you, but she still car­ries her jhoola of a doc­tor in hope that you will call her “Madam!! “ 

Papa!! You are irre­place­able… Noone can ever feel and take your posi­tion. May­be GOD needs you more than us but we need you for every sec­ond.

I wish you could read this and reply to this …may­be in your already saved for­mat on your com­put­er. I will not mind read­ing again and again.…“Ruchi take care of your­self and hard­ly earned mon­ey”. This one sen­tence in every let­ter made me per­son­al­ly what I am today. 




Wish God have one phone booth least to call you!!


Kallu !!!

This post is writ­ten for WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR PARENT OR CHILD- #Chat­ter­Pat­ter”


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24 Thoughts to “Sorry Papa!!”

  1. This is so very emo­tion­al & touchy. I have tears in my eye but I also know that you are and all you sis­ters are Sup­wr strong

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks and we are strong because he made us !!

  2. Manju

    Beta you have writ­ten every word tru­ly but don’t wor­ry he always with us n show­ing his bless­ings, we can always feel his presence.God has always divine phone sit peace­ful­ly n chat with God in form of your papa n he will show right path to all of all r very pre­cious for us you peo­ple should not be weak always be strong, think high n get high

    1. wigglingpen

      Noth­ng could be more proud for us being called as your daugh­ter and Yes.. papa is always here but to speak to him and lis­ten him is what I miss the most

  3. In office, I open my mail and your post feed was there, I start my day with this let­ter Ruchi and I cant hold my tears. Our par­ents give us good edu­ca­tion, moral val­ues and sup­port us for every­thing. I know we all will die one day but I could­nt even think about that. I feel so help­less.
    Your papa is with you still, because soul is eter­nal and I think you can feel that too. He is watch­ing you, pro­tect­ing you and guid­ing you also.

    1. wigglingpen

      Yes..he is source of my strenght ..Noth­ing can change this but I do miss him

  4. Fathers r always very impor­tant for daugh­ters. Ur post is so touchy about the val­ues he taught u . and I love what Ur dad said , that salt wali baat, excess of every­thing is bad . Ur dad would keep show­er­ing his love on u and Ur sis­ters.

  5. Priyanka Patwari

    My heart touch­ing Ruchi.. Make me emo­tion­al after read­ing this.. Yes u are right God ke pass bhi ek pH chaiye… Some­times we want it…

  6. Mrinal

    This is so emo­tion­al! Right Now am in bus, going to col­lege, and cry­ing! This is so touch­ing! I can feel you! Beau­ti­ful let­ter ?

  7. With every word in this let­ter I can feel your emo­tion… It’s very touchy but I must say your dad will be proud on you to see how u fol­lowed his every advice and how did u work hard to get suc­cess.

  8. Inspir­ing post! Father and daugh­ter bond is supre­me in this world. Great thought.

  9. This is such a touch­ing post. Even I don’t have a mom so I can relate how it feels to lose any one of your par­ents. Stay strong and always live up to your papa’s heart and desires.

  10. I can feel your pain because the­se are exact­ly what I feel each day of my life. A father is a daughter’s ide­al, and is irre­place­able. But have faith, as he is always around you.

  11. Aww..I got so emo­tion­al read­ing this, I could relate so much for my papa whom I love the most in my life.

  12. Judy

    Father and daugh­ter rela­tion­ship is always spe­cial but all arent that lucky to have a great rela­tion. Touchy write­up

  13. this is such an emo­tion­al post! real­ly touched my heart!

  14. Very heart touch­ing post dear . My father is my hero.

  15. That was an emo­tion­al part of life, and I can under­stand how painful life wud be with­out dad

  16. Papri Ganguly

    I’m lit­er­al­ly in tears. Love read­ing such heart­felt words

  17. This is such a touch­ing and emo­tion­al post. Father and daugh­ter bond is real­ly dif­fer­ent.

  18. Amrita

    Par­ents are our angels .He is still with you I am sure.

  19. Preetjyot Kaur

    God bless… This was Such a heart­felt let­ter. I’m so sure your father is proud of you today. I could feel your words.

  20. It is so touchy.. I have tears in my eyes.. Father-daugh­ter rela­tion­ship is one of the best rela­tion­ship ever…

  21. This is a very emo­tion­al let­ter.. i sure he is around u and hap­pi­ly admir­ing u

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