Sorry Papa!!



I don’t know how and if you can read this letter of mine or not but I want to say SORRY!! SORRY PAPA… there are so many things today for which I really feel sorry. 

Wish every second of my life that GOD should not be so selfish to call you so early when we need you more than him. Today with this letter I want to say sorry for many things:-

Sorry Papa, I really feel like crying in spite of your teaching of being strong.

Sorry Papa, for not being there when you must have thought that my kallu will sure come and see me on 3rd May.

Sorry Papa, for being rude to few people as they hurt us and you taught me to forgive.

Sorry Papa, for many unwanted reasons I might do in future too.

Recently on your birthday, I posted for you on my FB status, people may call me stupid, show off or whatever but I really don’t care, mentioning you or writing for you no one can stop me..So Sorry but I learned from you “Do what your heart says” 

I still miss your letters which I used to get in the hostel, wish I can get one again from you here when I feel down. I try always to walk in your teaching which your first letter sent to me, you mentioned “You can always add extra salt in any dish if it’s less but taking out excess salt will be impossible. Life is like that excess of anything is bad..” 

Sorry PAPA

Papa, you made all four of us so strong but trust me we all need you everytime of our life. We are happy in our life and family but still papa, Nidhi di needs you for guidance every day, Nishi di needs you for learning new things every day, your gullu..Shruti needs you for her happy and toughest time in life and me I need you for my support system of life and mummy needs you for everything.

Mummy is still the strongest person in our home but she needs you to tell her heart out. She never shows how much she misses you, but she still carries her jhoola of a doctor in hope that you will call her “Madam!! ” 

Papa!! You are irreplaceable… Noone can ever feel and take your position. Maybe GOD needs you more than us but we need you for every second.

I wish you could read this and reply to this …maybe in your already saved format on your computer. I will not mind reading again and again….”Ruchi take care of yourself and hard earned money“. This one sentence in every letter made me personally what I am today. 




Wish God have one phone booth least to call you!!


Kallu !!!

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25 thoughts on “Sorry Papa!!

  1. Beta you have written every word truly but don’t worry he always with us n showing his blessings, we can always feel his presence.God has always divine phone sit peacefully n chat with God in form of your papa n he will show right path to all of all r very precious for us you people should not be weak always be strong, think high n get high

    1. Nothng could be more proud for us being called as your daughter and Yes.. papa is always here but to speak to him and listen him is what I miss the most

  2. In office, I open my mail and your post feed was there, I start my day with this letter Ruchi and I cant hold my tears. Our parents give us good education, moral values and support us for everything. I know we all will die one day but I couldnt even think about that. I feel so helpless.
    Your papa is with you still, because soul is eternal and I think you can feel that too. He is watching you, protecting you and guiding you also.

  3. Fathers r always very important for daughters. Ur post is so touchy about the values he taught u . and I love what Ur dad said , that salt wali baat, excess of everything is bad . Ur dad would keep showering his love on u and Ur sisters.

  4. My heart touching Ruchi.. Make me emotional after reading this.. Yes u are right God ke pass bhi ek pH chaiye… Sometimes we want it…

  5. This is so emotional! Right Now am in bus, going to college, and crying! This is so touching! I can feel you! Beautiful letter ?

  6. With every word in this letter I can feel your emotion… It’s very touchy but I must say your dad will be proud on you to see how u followed his every advice and how did u work hard to get success.

  7. This is such a touching post. Even I don’t have a mom so I can relate how it feels to lose any one of your parents. Stay strong and always live up to your papa’s heart and desires.

  8. God bless… This was Such a heartfelt letter. I’m so sure your father is proud of you today. I could feel your words.

  9. I cried when I read the title and sobbed as I scrolled through the letter. Ruchi, its very brave of you to write and publish this. I am sure that uncle is watching from heaven and he is very proud of his little daughter. Warm hugs girl.. Love you…always…

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