Smile ??? Is a lan­guage which even a baby under­stands”
I always says ” Smile it costs noth­ing but now when I see a smile on my baby’s face …what­ev­er the sit­u­a­tion is auto­mat­i­cal­ly I get smil­ing curve on my face.…


When­ev­er we see any­one whose skin is glow­ing or soft we give com­pli­ment ” oh wow!! You got baby skin ” well as a moth­er I am always wor­ried about my lit­tle baby Viraj’s skin.…

Viraj my sec­ond kid …who came to our life this year in mon­th of April , April 9th 2015 and unlike any oth­er hap­py par­ents we were real­ly sad as he was very pre­ma­ture and doc­tors have given up hopes .….that was such a tough time for us as a par­ents when we real­ly don’t know what next moment is going to bring to us and doc­tor said for his devel­op­ment and his health of sur­vival he has to be in hos­pi­tal till he recov­ers and ready to adjust in out­side world .…..

He is a brave kid, after fight­ing from all odds for 2 months in hos­pi­tal 11 June 2015 doc­tors final­ly given me my baby with num­ber of instructions.….and in which his health was very much impor­tant.…

We hap­pi­ly final­ly brought our young Viraj( mean­ing is “rebirth of King) home in a ther­ma­coal box to main­tain his tem­per­a­ture and growth .….


Now as a moth­er it’s my job and duty to make him healthy and strong .…..and I trust­ed most trust­ed prod­ucts for my baby …

5 Most impor­tant things which I am fol­low­ing for my baby skin to keep smooth and healthy



Mas­sag­ing babies dai­ly is as much impor­tant as for any human being to drink water .…it’s not only going to nour­ish my baby skin but also giv­ing mas­sage dai­ly from Figaro Olive Oil going to make his bones strong.



This soap is real­ly makes my boy bathing ses­sion more enjoy­able as it is enriched with 1/4th baby lotion and vit­a­m­in E and it real­ly gives no tears and helps to mois­turise my baby’s skin by reduc­ing mois­ture loss while cleans­ing.



After tak­ing bath every­day I make sure my hap­py baby be hap­py with his nour­ished and mois­tured skin and to main­tain that what bet­ter I can choose than Johnson’s baby lotion it helps to keep his skin soft and mois­tured.

4. JOHNSON’s baby cream :


Well some­times I see my baby’s cheeks are chapped but I trust that John­son Baby cream is best way to come out of this prob­lem not only this but it also helped me at time of irri­tat­ing wet­ness and wind­burn.



Ever­thing goes in vain if your baby can’t have prop­er sleep, all enjoy­ment will be gone if you are in mall or in par­ty and your baby motion and wet not worth dia­pers irri­tates him.…
Well as I already told that Viraj was in hos­pi­tal for 2 months and then he came home where doc­tors strict­ly men­tioned his sleep should not get effect­ed because of wet bed…so as he was in hos­pi­tal we also trust­ed and given him peace­ful sleep with PAMPERS NEW BORN DIAPER … 

As it makes my baby’s day hap­py and night with peace­ful dreams …it is easy 4 ways steps to put on to your baby.


And once he is in his favourite pam­pers you need not to wor­ry up to 12 hours … Yes 12 hours absorp­tion qual­i­ty, not only this it comes with soft stretch waist and sides along with extra dry lay­er and baby lotion and it’s real­ly soft like cot­ton.


“Pam­pers brings you the soft­est ever Pam­pers Pre­mi­um Care Pants. Its cot­ton-like soft­ness is #Soft­est­ForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keep­ing baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby hap­py. ”

I can proud­ly say my baby Viraj is a Pam­pered baby yes !!! PAMPARED BOY


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