All Out For Payal

Today I was sitting in my living room and was waiting for my maid to come, but she didn’t turn up.
Really angry with her, I got up and completed all work thinking let her come tomorrow I will give her the salary and say good bye!!!
Next day door bell rang and I was sure I will say same as I thought for her and as soon as I opened door and saw her I was shocked. Her eyes were fully red and looking in pain …forgetting my anger I just asked her “what happened”
She said “Bhabhi mere ghar ki ek hi beti thi kal khatam ho gayi” I really didn’t understand what she meant…
She told me something which really made me think twice, why this really happened ….she told me “After lots of prayers and blessings from God her family was blessed with a girl child they always wanted …she was the most loved kid of the family and being the only girl child after 3 big brothers, she was pampered very much at home.”
Few days back I had given my daughters old Lehnga to her on Navratri, but unfortunately she expired yesterday night. She told that in her area, there is no cleanliness and because water-tanker came just once a week, they used to store water in big tanks in front of their houses, and there was just one common toilet for 8-9 families living on that floor which is usually dirty and very unhygienic….her daughter got fever few days back…they tried their level best to bring her fever down …sometimes 102 or sometimes 104-105 and then that day, doctors said that the reports are not good and she is having DENGUE …little 5year old girl collapsed in hospital just because of unhygienic conditions and dengue.


Little carelessness took away the life of a small girl.
This made me realise that this can happen with anyone and suddenly I recollected the ALL OUT AD Which I saw on TV –

But like many others I also just watched and forgot it, but NO it’s not about just Payal it’s about any other girl. May be about my daughter too.
I think we all should join hands and pledge our support to fight against DENGUE
Let’s just give a miss call on 1800180181818 and “Save your family from Dengue”


Avoiding Dengue is easy if we follow simple steps at our home and community


These all little tips are mentioned on this site –
I’m joining them to fight against dengue for my family…Are you??


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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