Senior Citizens of India

Senior Citizens

Life is beautiful and proves that it brings all new and amazing experiences every day. From the day a new baby born into a family till some elder senior citizen takes peaceful sleep from life. 

We all talk much about our kids, life, fashion, and health but I want to bring out some facts we forget in a busy schedule. Life will also bring us the one-day same situation and wonderful age which we call old age or senior citizen age.

Senior Citizens – Time to relive the moments

I read somewhere that Old age is called as second childhood and yes, I found this true many times. We encounter some good kids and some very arrogant kids and so when their second childhood returns they behave same. 

When age turned 60 or 60+ their body, mind, and soul need rest and they need to get more care, love, and support from their kids and family. At the time I think how much it is important to learn the value of them and understand what exactly they feel. 

Being a social buzzer and very active among my friends I feel when I will hit that age and walk on that path of life, how much it will change and affect the family and my living style. 

What these Senior Citizens look for?

Have you ever gone through what mindset they go through…

I have a friend she is living with her mom and mother in law both together, giving them equal support, love and care what both ladies deserve. I feel extremely happy to see this. When a girl, daughter, and daughter in law understand the value of them, there will be no old age homes. Now, this is another point of debate about why I am pointing out girl. 

Yes, I am pointing out the girl as when she is known as “Ghar Ki Lakshmi” she proudly accepts that title and so, this is her responsibility also to take care of most precious treasure of that home. Now, this is only done when a boy, son, and son in law join hands and support her with the same.

Some points we all should adapt to understand and give to our senior citizens: 

  1. They need respect: Yes, as we all look for respect from society, family and loved ones. They also have equal right to get respect and treated respectfully. 
  2. Let them relive their childhood: Yes, every senior citizen enjoy more with their grandchildren and yes, they play an important role in grooming them. Check out more out here.
  3. Let them relax: Remember that time when they worked hard to give you all luxury of life and fulfilling your dreams giving up their time and health. Now, it’s time to repay just give them their time and let them relax without any tension.
  4. Care for them: I still get in tears when listening song from Raazi ” Ungli pakad ke tune” and so relate to that song. Time is giving me back an opportunity to hold their hands and teach them new technology and care for them as they did for me.
  5. Give them their time: Yes, they might have some group of friends with whom they feel young again …why not giving little time to them? Host a party, call their friends and let them enjoy as they want. 
  6. Ask help: They will be happier if you walk to them and ask any sort of help, advice or guidance.  

Life is too short to a crip, argue and disrespect. What is valuable we should treasure that and accept that with whole heartily. 

Govt of India also have so many benefits for our beloved senior citizens which they can avail and enjoy life to fullest. We as their kids and family members should be aware of such benefits if not…

Check out Senior Citizens benifits details here.

  1. Pension and retirement benefits.
  2. Post Office benefit

These are a few links which will surely help you to know more about their rights and benefits to make their life easier. 

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  1. You are true old age is the second childhood stage. We should respect our senior citizens. Like both the senior citizen benefit schemes.

  2. such heart touching post we do need to love and take care of our elders they need our support and love most at that age.

  3. What a sweet post. I too get teary eyed hearing that song. Whatever one does for parents is less only as compared to what they do for us. Respect is the least we can offer them.

  4. Very thoughtful post, a good society is possible only when there is peaceful coexistence of generations. Great narrative.

  5. Senior care and Senior financial freedom are important for them to enjoy their sunset years with the same dignity as they did their youth.

  6. One of the most important phases of maturing is that of growth from self-centering to an understanding relationship to others… Very nice post

  7. Such a strong message, hats off to your friend who is living n caring for both her mom n mom in-law . To me we are enough for our parents and their is no need of old age homes. We just need to understand them and give them that due respect.

  8. Oldage can show you good and bad both. Life becomes more unpredictable. Your own blood can ditch you anytime. I know few people who dont even care about their old parents. Pension and retirement plan should be done properly. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. I am a daughter-in-law too and I have my differences with my in-laws but I feel that they should not be relegated to just care takers of their grand children . I encourage them to go out , stay healthy and socialise . Hopefully my affection stays strong even when they become bed ridden !

  10. Very heart touching post, I also agree that old age is similar to childhood and senior citizen needs more attention.

  11. Heartfelt words, we need to respect senior citizens, be it family members or strangers. After all they have all the love to shower on us. 🙂

  12. This is such a lovely post. So true that Old age is the second childhood, I wonder why people forget to look after our seniors

  13. We should respect them with love and care. Very heart touching article. Yes like most countries, India also have so many benefits for our senior citizens.

  14. A very thoughtful post. Yes and the song from Raazi makes me cry too.

  15. My NGO looks after the medication of about 70 senior citizens who have been abandoned by their families. Ask me how it feels every time when I visit them and how they cling on to me imploring me to spend more time with them. 🙁


  16. They need support and love from us . We should be really taking care of them. Thanks for sharing the senior citizen benefits.

  17. Senior citizens play such important role in our life. I still remember my time with my grandparents. They used to get satisfied even with small deeds. Very nicely written article.


  18. A heartfelt write up and informative also.

  19. Senior citizens are blessings for us. They teach us a lot of good things and they meed care, respect and love in return.

  20. Your ‘wiggling pen’ has done a commendable job writing about Senior Citizens. It is a very well written article. You covered quite a lot of ground about the subject though lot more can be written on it.
    I differ on a very small thing! Age! Yes, technically you are correct. ? Age 60 is what the GOI has set forth as declaring a person a Senior Citizen. But let say that most people of 60 DO NOT feel old! ??? At 67, my word should carry some weight. ?Believe me, more than myself it is the people around me who make me feel my age! ? Thanks for writing about me and my clan! ?

    1. Thanks a lot sir for visiting and liking my write up …It really inspiring to know that people like you read and visit my blog …

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