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Some time back I have shared my experience and my kid’s happiness while being in Kidzania. For full review what all your child can explore there check my post HERE.

I recently visited again with my friend and family and one thing which I experienced really want to share with my readers.

My daughter who is 9 years old was very excited again to try all role play and my little munchkin was excited in his way running from one to other place and managing both of them together was a really tough job when you are in KIDZANIA as both want to explore their world.   

I saw my RFID bracelet and remembered that yes, this place is safe for my kids to roam freely and I can locate them easily.

With more than 18 years of experienced staff across 24 cities in 19 countries most important and integrated system of this indoor park is CHILD SAFETY.


Safety & Security Standards:

RFID Security Bracelets: 

  • On arrival at KidZania, both child and accompanying adult will receive a bracelet to wear around their wrist with a UHF & a VHF radio frequency antenna and mapped to a high-end software developed as an integral part of a security system. Using this feature, the child’s bracelet is linked to the adult’s bracelet, so that they always know where their children are. 
  • Parents once connected with RFID bracelets, can track and locate each kid inside KidZania, drop messages for them, and even ensure their child cannot exit KidZania without being matched to them.
  • Our employees will only remove the bracelet with adult authorization through a specialized system at the end of their visit.

Bracelet in my hand is the same RFID for security reason and my kids have the same in their hands. It’s like when we went with other family and all kids details were loaded and with their machine, I could easily locate what time, which of my kid is where in the park and doing which activity.

Best for me to locate my kids. This is one of the best safety they are providing. 

Controlled Access:

  • A team of professional and highly trained guards from reputed agencies man various parts of the facility including all entry and exits, emergency exits and strategic places.  
  • They also have a certified in-house safety and security officer.
  • Adults cannot enter KidZania on their own unless they are accompanying kids. 

Control Room & CCTV cameras

  • The complete facility is monitored by CCTV cameras, which are placed in strategic locations across the center and linked to the Building Management System for the safety and security of visitors.
  • From the design stage, CCTV system is centralized and controlled from a secured Control Room, in which all signals from CCTV cameras, Public address system, fire alarms and access/exits are controlled.
  • Additionally, establishments are built in a way that parents and teachers get to observe the children participating in the various activities within the establishment via glass walling.

I liked the way they made all activities behind glass wall so that as a parent I feel kid get independent doing activity and as well as we can keep an eye. 

Highly Trained Team

  • There is a trained Emergency Response Team.
  • All of their Supervisors undertake specific professional training courses that cover:
    • KidZania “Do Not Touch” policy,
    • Early Childhood training,
    • First-Air training,
    • Health & safety training,
    • Fire safety training,
    • Emergency evacuation training,
  • Apart from this Supervisors are subject to mandatory police verification for criminal records check.

I loved the way each activity is explained and given kids instruction to earn their good work. 

Fire Safety

  • Full facility has fire extinguishers placed along with smoke detectors, heat detectors, beam detectors, aspirational air samplers, fire hydrants, automated sprinkler system and an addressable fire panel system. Evacuation plans are available throughout the facility for quick access.
  • Evacuation plans are available throughout the facility for quick access.

First-Aid Center

  • KidZania has a dedicated first aid center that is manned by qualified doctors and nurses from reputed hospitals.
  • In addition, key frontline employees are trained in the provision of first-aid and carry basic medical kits with them at all times.

Food Safety

  • Outside food is not allowed inside the facility.
  • All their F&B point of sale partners have FSSAI certificates. They also conduct food audits and provide for food sampling to school & group bookings.

For the special child: 

Staff and this facility take good care of such special child. The comfort rooms in the facility are with the Accessibility Code.  

Some happy moments in Kidzania

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. KidsZania is on wishlist for a long time, and your post made it more stronger wish to visit. Shall visit soon.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  2. This looks like an interesting place with a lively environment and unique concept. I wish they come soon to my city

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