Some time back I have shared my expe­ri­ence and my kid’s hap­pi­ness while being in Kidza­nia. For full review what all your child can explore there check my post HERE.

I recent­ly vis­it­ed again with my friend and fam­i­ly and one thing which I expe­ri­enced real­ly want to share with my read­ers.

My daugh­ter who is 9 years old was very excit­ed again to try all role play and my lit­tle munchk­in was excit­ed in his way run­ning from one to oth­er place and man­ag­ing both of them togeth­er was a real­ly tough job when you are in KIDZANIA as both want to explore their world. 

I saw my RFID bracelet and remem­bered that yes, this place is safe for my kids to roam freely and I can locate them eas­i­ly.

With more than 18 years of expe­ri­enced staff across 24 cities in 19 coun­tries most impor­tant and inte­grat­ed sys­tem of this indoor park is CHILD SAFETY.


Safety & Security Standards:

RFID Security Bracelets: 

  • On arrival at KidZa­nia, both child and accom­pa­ny­ing adult will receive a bracelet to wear around their wrist with a UHF & a VHF radio fre­quen­cy anten­na and mapped to a high-end soft­ware devel­oped as an inte­gral part of a secu­ri­ty sys­tem. Using this fea­ture, the child’s bracelet is linked to the adult’s bracelet, so that they always know where their chil­dren are. 
  • Par­ents once con­nect­ed with RFID bracelets, can track and locate each kid inside KidZa­nia, drop mes­sages for them, and even ensure their child can­not exit KidZa­nia with­out being matched to them.
  • Our employ­ees will only remove the bracelet with adult autho­riza­tion through a spe­cial­ized sys­tem at the end of their vis­it.

Bracelet in my hand is the same RFID for secu­ri­ty rea­son and my kids have the same in their hands. It’s like when we went with oth­er fam­i­ly and all kids details were load­ed and with their machine, I could eas­i­ly locate what time, which of my kid is where in the park and doing which activ­i­ty.

Best for me to locate my kids. This is one of the best safe­ty they are pro­vid­ing. 

Controlled Access:

  • A team of pro­fes­sion­al and high­ly trained guards from reput­ed agen­cies man var­i­ous parts of the facil­i­ty includ­ing all entry and exits, emer­gen­cy exits and strate­gic places. 
  • They also have a cer­ti­fied in-house safe­ty and secu­ri­ty offi­cer.
  • Adults can­not enter KidZa­nia on their own unless they are accom­pa­ny­ing kids. 

Control Room & CCTV cameras

  • The com­plete facil­i­ty is mon­i­tored by CCTV cam­eras, which are placed in strate­gic loca­tions across the cen­ter and linked to the Build­ing Man­age­ment Sys­tem for the safe­ty and secu­ri­ty of vis­i­tors.
  • From the design stage, CCTV sys­tem is cen­tral­ized and con­trolled from a secured Con­trol Room, in which all sig­nals from CCTV cam­eras, Pub­lic address sys­tem, fire alarms and access/exits are con­trolled.
  • Addi­tion­al­ly, estab­lish­ments are built in a way that par­ents and teach­ers get to observe the chil­dren par­tic­i­pat­ing in the var­i­ous activ­i­ties with­in the estab­lish­ment via glass walling.

I liked the way they made all activ­i­ties behind glass wall so that as a par­ent I feel kid get inde­pen­dent doing activ­i­ty and as well as we can keep an eye. 

Highly Trained Team

  • There is a trained Emer­gen­cy Respon­se Team.
  • All of their Super­vi­sors under­take speci­fic pro­fes­sion­al train­ing cours­es that cov­er:
    • KidZa­nia “Do Not Touch” pol­i­cy,
    • Ear­ly Child­hood train­ing,
    • First-Air train­ing,
    • Health & safe­ty train­ing,
    • Fire safe­ty train­ing,
    • Emer­gen­cy evac­u­a­tion train­ing,
  • Apart from this Super­vi­sors are sub­ject to manda­to­ry police ver­i­fi­ca­tion for crim­i­nal records check.

I loved the way each activ­i­ty is explained and given kids instruc­tion to earn their good work. 

Fire Safety

  • Full facil­i­ty has fire extin­guish­ers placed along with smoke detec­tors, heat detec­tors, beam detec­tors, aspi­ra­tional air sam­plers, fire hydrants, auto­mat­ed sprin­kler sys­tem and an address­able fire pan­el sys­tem. Evac­u­a­tion plans are avail­able through­out the facil­i­ty for quick access.
  • Evac­u­a­tion plans are avail­able through­out the facil­i­ty for quick access.

First-Aid Center

  • KidZa­nia has a ded­i­cat­ed first aid cen­ter that is manned by qual­i­fied doc­tors and nurs­es from reput­ed hos­pi­tals.
  • In addi­tion, key front­line employ­ees are trained in the pro­vi­sion of first-aid and car­ry basic med­ical kits with them at all times.

Food Safety

  • Out­side food is not allowed inside the facil­i­ty.
  • All their F&B point of sale part­ners have FSSAI cer­tifi­cates. They also con­duct food audits and provide for food sam­pling to school & group book­ings.

For the special child: 

Staff and this facil­i­ty take good care of such spe­cial child. The com­fort rooms in the facil­i­ty are with the Acces­si­bil­i­ty Code. 

Some happy moments in Kidzania

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  1. Kid­sZa­nia is on wish­list for a long time, and your post made it more stronger wish to vis­it. Shall vis­it soon.

    Meenal­Son­al from AuraOfThoughts

  2. This looks like an inter­est­ing place with a live­ly envi­ron­ment and unique con­cept. I wish they come soon to my city

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