||PAuSe|| Life can WaiT

P ause wines, as it says “LIFE CAN WAIT” yes, in this busy and running life we all need a break, we all need a pause from tension and give life what it deserves and this is what Pause wines motive is to give us a pause in life to enjoy that moment. 

Pause Wines is a Prarthana Group company. This Group was formed in 1996 by entrepreneurs with an undying enthusiasm and penchant for taking up challenges, under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Patil. Their mission is to endeavor to make wine an integral part of the daily diet of every Indian and a preferred accompaniment to all kinds of food. They also tell that how wine is very much effective for your healthy life, from eyes, bones, stomach and weight gain.

Shiraz(Tangy & Fruity ): The information provided by www.pausewines.com on this Shiraz wine.

Tasting Notes

Type of grape:Shiraz
Type of wine:Purple red
Origin:Dindori, Nasik (Maharashtra, India)
Style:Full-bodied and dry
Colour:Deep Red
Aroma:Fruity and peppery
Flavor:A hearty and spicy wine with overtones of black pepper spice and roasting meat
Serving temperature:Enjoyed best at 15 °C – 18 °C
Pairs well with:Medium spicy Indian food, grilled meats, and seafood, spicy Mexican dishes, or even pizzas
Alcohol%:13 % V/V

This has awarded this a Silver Medal at the 2009 SIWC.

It’s lovely to experience every sip as it’s not expensive 750ml at Rs675 and 375 ml at Rs350.



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