Married Women…Are you really blessed?

W  oman, power to run this entire society nowhere less that men!! 

A woman has the power to give birth, can turn 4 walls and give it a place to live and called as HOME, a woman can take care of her kids with sleepless nights, a woman can run business and may be your boss to whom you have just applied for a leave.

When I was young, small, unmarried I remember if someone comes at home and we greet them and take aashirwaad they smile and says ” God bless you!” or “khoob padhoo” or “jeete raho” and we all know what does it mean and I used to be happy !!

I was lucky that I shared my childhood with my 3 sisters ONLY and I don’t have a brother, sometimes it hurts also but then I realize that today it’s good that I don’t have a brother else there would be definitely some arguments and fights!!

Now, when I am married and now I realize that this is “MAN Society” and really pity and sad about how these blessings also changed !!!

Once a girl is married, her parents does “KANYA DAAN” known as biggest daan in Hindu mythology and mother till her life only give good advice to follow “SASURAL ke RITUALS” and if in case you as a newly married girl or even have a confusion call your mom and ask should I do this pooja like this … mom’s reply would be “Ask your mother in law, do as she said “. So I understand why this Kanya daan is maha daan …

Coming to the topic:

I tried finding out what blessings we as a woman gets and what as men, our husbands gets!!

Blessings for your beloved husbands:

  1. Yashasvi Bhava: (Males only) which means may you attain eternal success with no obstacles in the way of achievement.
  2. Vijayi Bhava: (Males only) May you be victorious.
  3. Tarraki Karo: (Males Only) May you keep reaching goals and be successful.

Blessings for you as a Bride/ Bahu/daughter in law:

  1. Saubhagyawati Bhava/akhand subhagyawati bhava (to female only)- May you die before your husband and not as a widow
  2. Putravati Bhava: (females only) May you have a son
  3. Sumangali bhava: (females only): Again may you die before your husband and not as a widow

Yes, yes, one blessing is common for both male and female:

Ayushman Bhava/ chiraayu bhava: (To both males & females)may you live a long life

but, this goes off if you have given above blessings to a woman. blessing generally goes to their husbands only if so, how to bless a married woman.

Other than this, all fasts are meant to be kept by a woman for “LONG LIFE of husband ” like Karwacauth, Teej, vat Savitri and above all these married women then after getting blessed with “Putravati Bhava” keep some fasts for their son’s long life !!

So, in short, fast only for the long life of husband and son, and still can’t believe we woman only doing this … yes!! I know few have broken this and few men started fasting for their wives too(but they are termed as “uff !! Jooru ka gulam” yes!! those men are real as they feel that their wives have equal rights to be blessed.

I have not kept fast for my son, I love him but because I have not done for my daughter so NO to my son !! and my fasting can’t proof that I don’t pray for both of them and bless them every day with healthy and long life !!

WARNING: this post is entirely my views, not to hurt anyone’s feeling!! I Love my hubby & kids more than anything else but questions yet to answer.. If someone can please …. 

Share your views in comments ” Do you really think these Aashirwaad are meant for married woman?

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. That’s quite a take on societal rituals!!! I loved the bold head-on take on these age old rules of Indian Culture & Society.
    It’s time now to sit back & think does these actually make sense.

    1. Absolutely … I feel if something is really unacceptable you should speak up

  2. I have done away with all this nonsense and am actually taking strict steps to ensure that my own parenting is gender neutral. Glad to read views that I wholeheartedly agree with.

    1. Thanks for visiting here Lata !! Yes I agree and so treating my kids same way no gender preference both have equal rights for blessings and love

  3. You nailed true..all things are directed towards men/husband as if the woman or the wife is a liability, sitting to do all this as penance and an obligation.

    1. Seriously sometimes I think parents are making their son to get married so that someone fast for them for long life …please too much

  4. Those were the times when the rituals were made with some solid base and considering the society that time. Now times have changed and women don’t really need to worry or bother about who is saying what.

    1. Yes !!! true but still as a woman get same blessings …does it required ??

  5. I have got recently married and also from my personal belief and experience, I think slow and steady but the change is coming, not just equality and respect but in the perception of males. Drop by drop, it will be a world where we won’t have such more questions. 🙂

    1. Marriage is a wonderful experience !!! I only question about these so called blessings .. but but but Ashwini be ready for more such self-identity questions coming in down d line 🙂 Once again Wishing u rocking married life 🙂

  6. I so agree with this post, Ruchie. Even I had same questions in my mind. BTW, I am blessed to have a husband who prays & fasts for his wife on Karwachauth. 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting here Neha !!! Yes, these are few question which i think every woman must have thought some day or other …few just accepts it ..few like us just take our heart ou and speak …I am not against blessings firm believer that elders blessings work like magic in life and I think every married woman wants long life with her life with her husband and love unconditionally …but these blessings are something I don’t really understand

  7. I don’t believe in aashirvad.. Don’t give don’t take I.stead teach our kids to believe in themselves..

    1. That’s great 🙂 Thanks for visiting

  8. I am not sure I Weber thought about it so much really. But great points.

    1. thanks for visiting 🙂

  9. Well written and deep thoughts.

    1. Thanks for hopping heer and liking 🙂

  10. You have pointed out something which is glaringly there but seldom said, the society is and will always has been for and by males. It is for them and by them, it is going to take a lot if effort to actually bring the changes but it is happening alowly and steadily in these small ways which u pointed out. Btw we are 3 sisters also ?

    1. I always love to speak up what I feel … Thanks u liked and visited here:)

  11. Bang on wigglingpen.. Loved your head on approach and thoughts.. Lovely read.

    1. thanks for visiting and liking 🙂

  12. Strong read? need write ups such as these.

    1. Thanks for visiting and liking 🙂

  13. How beautifully you have nailed it. Society needs to grow.

    1. Yup !!! Thanks for reading and liking 🙂

  14. Marriage is very beautiful…. Amazing post… Learnt all the blessings and their meaning

    1. Yes.. marriage is my fav institute and I loved it … Thanks for hopping and reading

  15. You’ve articulated your honest views in asking pertinent questions that we, as a society, need to ask on the place of women who must be given their due in society. Such reflections must be encouraged for it encourages debate on the truth. We need to grow as a society and accept the place earned by women, Why should sacrifice be made for somebody or patriarch?

    1. Thanks for liking and understanding my point of view 🙂

  16. I wish there be a transformation. Your post is so well worded

    1. Thanks for visiting and liking my views !!

  17. Other than this I’m facing double standard for beta n bahu

    1. Yes .. this is one more problem!!

  18. Mama i loved it .. specially the blessing difference. i want more and more society to see this , how uncanny their methods are. We share same thought , i wrote on Karwachauth , have a look if you get time – women are immortal .

    1. Will sure drop in to read that

  19. Haha… I actually didn’t know about the Hindu blessings. That was an eye opener! I don’t keep Karva Chauth or any fast for that matter. Nor do we do any rituals in our house. My husband and I decided earlier on only that its not something we wanna teach our kids and regardless of girl or boy, we raise them in a gender neutral household.

    1. Extremely appreciate for your superb initiative towards kids development

  20. Very bold and thought provoking post. Yes the questions are yet to be answered. But I hope our tradition has these rituals with some hidden scientific reasons. But there are no one to explain its importance to our generation. Basically, mind is everything. What we think, we become. Stay blessed Ruchi.

  21. Eventually where ever Possible come across more information that is
    related to %BT%? The coach taught me to be formulate a phrase essay regarding it issue.

  22. You present a powerful message with this post. Women are capable of achieving greater heights, despite what our patriarchal mindset believes.

    1. Thanks for reading this post one of my fav post

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