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Hair knots prob­lem is the biggest prob­lem of mine and when I heard about Pan­tene PRO V Oil replace­ment my first reac­tion was “WOW”.

Pan­tene is one of the most trust­ed brands, and when it comes to so much easy to use why not try it?

Pan­tene Pro V Oil replace­ment comes in shiny gold­en and real­ly pret­ty tube with a flip cap.

What is Pantene PRO V Oil replacement:

So, if you real­ly want to get rid of old oil treat­ment which is real­ly oily, sticky and yes messy too. For the­se few rea­sons I real­ly wished not to use oil and just sham­poo my hairs.

Pan­tene Pro V Oil replace­ment not only made life easy but also make me look beau­ti­ful. 

It not only nour­ish­es hair with­out cre­at­ing a mess but also helps to repair the dam­age. This is because of its for­mu­la which com­bi­nes the pow­er of oil with PRO V sci­ence to treat hair.

Pantene Pro V Oil replacement

This oil replace­ment has a greasy cream which so well glides on hairs to give per­fect nour­ish­ment.

How to use?

I am very lazy when it comes oil­ing my hairs long process of apply­ing oil then wash­ing next day giv­ing stains on my pil­low is real­ly a painful job. 

With Pan­tene Pro V Oil replace­ment this lengthy process of giv­ing nour­ish­ment to my hair reduced. Let me tell you how!!

Using this is real­ly a kids job with 3 easy steps:

  1. Take a lit­tle just a size of a wal­nut cream and rub between your palms. Pantene Pro V Oil replacement
  2. Start­ing from the top apply to your full hair length and yes, no use to rin­se. 
  3. Just Style and flaunt.

What I love about Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement 

Fran­gance of this oil replace­ment cream is real­ly nice and last for long and very light on hairs. 

Non Oily and non sticky 

Makes my hair man­age­able and keeps hairs boun­cy.

There was a fam­i­ly func­tion and I had a fizzy hair, thought of try­ing Pan­tene Pro V Oil replace­ment and yes it works and made me more beau­ti­ful. 

I will rec­om­mend this to my friends and rel­a­tives.



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