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Cashless India, Digital India is what we all believe in today and are happily accepting this change which is making life easy and comfortable.

But as we all know that every change brings with it some downsides and with this digitization, there are also some pros and cons.

Internet security and banking security is more important nowadays. Let me share some key facts which will help you in making your account safer.

What is Computer Security?

Let us first understand what exactly is computer security and its real importance in today’s lifestyle.

Computer security is not only about how to save your data and information but also saving your hard earned money.

Now in digital India, we all have credit cards, debit cards and even use banking on e-commerce sites for payments and shopping.

Secured banking:


There are many benefits of online banking and it is making life easy. Listing few benefits:

  • Easy to make bill payments, EMI payments without standing in long queues and just with one click. You can set up an automatic bill payment.
  • You can even see your all bank details anytime and all transactions made by you to any service provider and check that any payment you did is reflecting in your account or not.
  • We all transfer money to our loved ones from our account to theirs and with online banking this transaction is made much easier.
  • This has also given a boost to mobile banking. Many apps are available which will help you to keep track of your account on your smartphone while doing transactions every time and anytime.
  • Now apps are available where you can set up your upper limit for anything like for shopping; if you exceed your limit it will warn you. In this way, it will help you to keep an eye on your transactions and maintain your monthly budget.


  • Safety: All websites are not 100% safe for transactions and there are hackers who can hack into your account and gain access to your business’s or private financial information
  • Site Disruption: A technical glitch could cause the bank’s website to go offline for a period, possibly resulting in problems for you and your business.


Precautions for Secured banking:

  • Never share your password, CVV or OTP with anyone.
  • Be alert to fraud calls mentioning calls from a bank and asking bank details.
  • If ever you make transactions from cyber cafes make sure to log off properly from the system.
  • Always use trusted updated security software.
  • Always make transactions from secure, verified and popular sites.
  • Do protect your password and keep changing the password frequently.
  • Avoid autosaving your password on sites.

These are few tips to be safe online. Let’s all be safe with #SBIComputerSecurityDay.

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