My fav sub­scrip­tion bag arrived on 1st Dec and I loved the the­me of the mon­th Blend the beau­ty- Decem­ber fab bag”

As it’s last mon­th of the year I was real­ly wait­ing for it hop­ing this time this bag would be more excit­ing than last mon­th.

Blend the beauty - December fab bag

I felt lit­tle dis­ap­point­ed with bag look this mon­th as expect­ing some­thing more sparkling and siz­zling but this bag looks like very nor­mal bag.

I received tex­tured metal­lic red bag!!

It’s not impor­tant and I learned that you can’t guess what’s inside the book with its cov­er always and some­times it’s more inter­est­ing when you unwrap the book.

Inside Blend the beauty-December fab bag:

Blend the beauty - December fab bag

Trust me bag is much more beau­ti­ful from inside and holds beau­ti­ful prod­ucts for me–

  1. Sug­ar Blend the Rules Eye­shad­ow Quad-15 Booty­li­cious -Rs. 599(for full size)
  2. Blis­cent Pep­per­mint Foot Soak– Rs.200 for 100g
  3. Bel­la Voste Pre­mi­um Nail Paint– Rs.249
  4. Alan­na Des­ic­cat­ed Coconut & Saf­fron skin bright­en­ing Scrub–Rs.340/- for 20g
  5. Blos­som kochhar Aro­ma Mag­ic Cocoa But­ter & Vanil­la Body Cream– Rs.26for 10gBlend the beauty - December fab bag

Sugar Blend the Rules Eyeshadow Quad-15 Bootylicious:

Blend The beauty - December fab bag

Sug­ar is one of my fav brands when it comes to beau­ty prod­ucts and this time when I got it a chance to select this shade I select­ed this eye­shad­ow quad-15.

Blend The beauty - Demenber fab bag

I feel pink is per­fect and goes with any out­fit so select­ed this one.

Price: Rs. 599/- for full size

Bliscent Peppermint Foot Soak:

Blend The beauty - December fab bag


As pep­per­mint Oil induce a brisk cool­ing sen­sa­tion and helps to ease ten­sion this looks me so refresh­ing. 

The fra­grance itself will take away your heart and make your mind refresh. I will try this soon and let you know the result. 

Price: Rs 200

Bella Voste Premium Nail Paint:

Blend The beauty - December fab bag

When it comes to nail paint in fab bag it’s always Bel­la vis­ta nail paints and the best part of the­se nail paints are they last longer and goes so well in one stroke.

Blend The beauty - December fab bag

I received but­ter bash col­or and it is good for dai­ly wear. 

Blend The beauty - December fab bag

Price: Rs 249/-

Alanna Desiccated Coconut & Saffron skin brightening Scrub:

Blend The beauty - December fab bag

I have not yet tried but this mar­riage sea­son this won­der­ful and trav­el-friend­ly scrub is going to in my bag for sure.

Sul­phate and Paraben free this scrub is hand­made and 100% nat­u­ral as claimed by the brand.

Price: Rs 340 for 20gms

Blossom kochhar Aroma Magic Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream:

Blend The beauty - December fab bag

This cocoa but­ter and vanil­la cream by Blos­som Kochar aro­ma mag­ic claims to deep nour­ish­ing and pre­vent­ing stretch marks. 

Along with this 10gms sam­ple pack, I got 20% off voucher too but as I real­ly don’t like cocoa fra­grance so it is the only pro­duct not made me hap­py.

Price: 26 Rs for 10 gms

This fab bag is worth hav­ing for this wed­ding sea­son. Book now RIGHT HERE.



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