NO” itself a sentence


Yes­ter­day watched one of the finest, heart touch­ing & mean­ing­ful Bol­ly­wood flick “Pink”.


This movie will give make you think about so many facts we are real­ly doing in today’s soci­ety with­out under­stand­ing what real­ly hap­pens or hap­pened. Being a moth­er of a daugh­ter &!I’m con­fused that should I teach my daugh­ter to be bold  & fight or just keep her inside not encour­ag­ing her being a “NORMAL WORKING GIRL” as our soci­ety still think shit about girls work­ing & stay­ing alone.

I rate this movie ?????stars for sure, Thanks to Anirud­dha Roy Chowd­hury for cast­ing Big B Mr. Amitab­h_Bachchan as advo­cate Deep­ak Sehgal. All three actress­es Taapsee Pan­nu, Kir­ti Kul­hari, Andrea done ? % jus­tice to the char­ac­ter.

Offi­cial trail­er of Pink : Cour­tesy YouTube

One court room dia­logue which remind­ed me one real inci­dent hap­pened with me I decid­ed to write about it & pay my grat­i­tude to my dad for giv­ing me such upbring­ing that I got courage to speak up about it.

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Yes, I believe if a girl or a wom­en says no by action or word … she real­ly means NO!!

This inci­dent is of year 2000 after com­plet­ing my grad­u­a­tion ? with my dad I was trav­el­ing via train from Luc­know to Ban­ga­lore for my MCA.

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As it was only me & dad trav­el­ling to Ban­ga­lore, we have with us copas­sen­gers in which there were a father who was going to leave her daugh­ter to her grand­par­ents home as her 10th board exams were just com­plet­ed for hol­i­days. She was a sweet girl and we became friend­ly soon. My father and my berths were upper and side upper and they had low­er & mid­dle berth, there was a man age between 40–45 who took his low­er berth in front of that girl.

We both girls kept lis­ten­ing to songs on our walk­man and he was talk­ing to papa & her father. At night usu­al­ly I don’t feel slept so I was just lying on my side upper lis­ten­ing to music ? and realised that some­thing weird on low­er berth. I saw that man was try­ing to molest that girl putting his hands in her blan­ket who was sleep­ing on low­er berth too. I wait­ed for some­time and realised that she was tensed and shift­ed her­self to oth­er side of berth and then also that shame­less crea­ture start­ed putting his legs under her blan­ket.

Train got stopped on one of the sta­tion I pre­tend­ed to sleep and realised he got up and pre­tend­ed he is going towards washroon he pressed my feet, as I was watch­ing him from long time , I kicked him and said “what’s the prob­lem?” He got lit­tle scared and said “sor­ry by mis­take”.

He went to wash­room and lit­tle girl who was just get­ting no idea what to do, got up and said to me ” Didi that uncle is trou­bling me from last 1 hour… help please” I told her go and sleep and wait for me to call your name.

Train start­ed again and his dirty ideas too but this time I was quite sure to teach him prop­er lesson as one kick was real­ly not enough for him. As soon as he touched her, I shout­ed loud­ly “Switch onnnnn the lightsssss& that girl imme­di­ate­ly got up and switched on the lights, hear­ing me shout­ing my dad and oth­er pas­sen­gers got up and papa asked me ” what hap­pened?” I told entire sto­ry and that girl was full on tears told same stuff to her dad.. but that shame­less crea­ture said “he did noth­ing just got up to drink water and the­se girls are mak­ing sto­ries…

My dad who always taught me to stand up again­st wrong trust­ed me and we called TT and rail­way author­i­ties took him away.

Papa said “he is proud of me as I took a stand rather being quite” today he is not with us but want to say thanks papa for giv­ing my life mean­ing­ful teach­ings and strength to fight for odds with­out fear.

My only mes­sage to every girl to stand up for your­self and for oth­ers girls too & mes­sage to all boys “respect every girl as you can save your sis­ter in that way”


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    • Thanks for hop­ping & read­ing it… it’s about rais­ing voice…yes!!! That gal def­i­nite­ly under­stood the fact that speak­ing up for such cheap peo­ple is the best way to teach them a lesson for life!!! Gals need not to wor­ry about soci­ety & stand up for their rights & dig­ni­ty!!

  1. Yes , its the way .…?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ?? ??????? ?? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?? , ??????? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ????? ???? ..| ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? ???? ??? ????? | ??????? ?????? ?? ??? ??????????? |

  2. Pink is an extra­or­di­nar­i­ly made movie which talks about patri­archy in our soci­ety. When a girl says NO, no mat­ter she is your wife, its a “NO”.For a lot of wom­en who under­go abuse silent­ly, this should help.
    Proud of you, Glad you put it out!

  3. I watched the movie too and loved the por­tray­al and also the rule book that AB says. Such sar­cas­tic ones! You did a good thing, some­thing we all should do as edu­cat­ed indi­vid­u­als. When i say edu­cat­ed i dont mean the degress we have got.

  4. Proud of you Ruchi! That’s real­ly a brave act you show­cased dur­ing that inci­dent! Pink is real­ly a good movie and deliv­er­ing a very strong mes­sage to those who need­ed it the most! 🙂

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