Navrati-Day 7- Maa kalaratri


Maa Kalara­tri is the sev­en­th Shak­ti of Maa Dur­ga. The sev­en­th day of Navra­tri poo­ja is ded­i­cat­ed to Dur­ga Kalra­tri. This is the most vio­lent form of Godess Dur­ga. Kalara­tri is the one of the fiercest forms of Dur­ga and her appear­ance itself evokes fear. This form of God­dess is believed to be the destroy­er of all demon enti­ties.


In this form God­dess Kalra­tri killed Rak­tabeej. Rak­tabeej was a demon who could mul­ti­ply from every drop of his blood which fell on the ground. The God­dess Kaal­ra­tri killed him by lick­ing the blood before it could reach the ground and hence con­quered him. She endows her devo­tees with calm and courage.

The com­plex­ion of Maa Kalara­tri is like dark night with boun­ti­ful hair and has four hands. The left two hands holds a cleaver and a torch, and the right two are in the mudras of “giv­ing” and “pro­tect­ing”. She has neck­lace is so shin­ing like thun­der. She has three eyes which emanate rays like light­ning. Flames appear through her nos­trils when she inhales or exhales air. Her mount is don­key. Blue,Red, White col­or should be used to wear on this day. Appear­ance of Maa Kalra­tri is very dan­ger­ous.

Colour of the Day:

Sap­tami – Navra­tri 7th Day -   Green 7.10.2016

Pic Cour­tesy: GoogleCon­tent : Sto­ry heard from mum­my & Maa Vaish­vavi

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