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Millennial, generation of people born between 1980-2000 is fast growing in society with their strong social influence and high financial potential. Millennial in India holds approximately 70% of household income.

Now, Western Union conducted a survey between September 26th and October 6th,2017 to understand the relationship between millennials globally and their unique connections to a global society. 

Western Union needs no introduction a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement. The main objective of this survey was to understand the mindset of millennials.

They are filled up with great ideas and their vision is refreshed and they see future of the limitless cross-border movement and cross-border digital communication which is surely going to drive new creativity and economic power.

Western Union Millennial Survey

This survey is to know the ideas and belief’s and their way of connection for the broader global community. With simple methodology of survey around 10,000 millennials from the age group of 20 to 36 years with a mix of male and female across 15 countries were surveyed.

These respondents were engaged in four key areas that focused on the future, borders, technology and global citizenship.

The result of Millennial Survey

To understand in a broader way about what these millennials said in wiggling terms that

They do believe in good work and dreams, no boundaries can stop their mission and approach, just a little trust, faith and hard work they are very sure that they are game changers and future leaders.”


  • 79% in India have faith in national government bodies representing their views and globally 48% believe in the same. 
  • Indian millennials believe that shaping the future is up to them as an individual, rather than the government, and globally 71% of millennials share the same opinion. 
  • Now important is free flow money across borders become easier for 59% of Indian millennials and 50% easy for global ones.
  • They believe that direct contribution from individuals using technology is really helping them to grow.Millennial
  • In survey even Indian future shapers believe that living in one country with fast-growing technology will be easy as there will be no barriers based on gender, religion, culture, and nationality. 
  • They have more freedom for better jobs, education and personal freedom as they want to create a world without borders and it is their shared responsibility. 
  • Above all this they don’t see them as belonging to one country, caste or religion rather they see themselves as global citizens.

Western Union Millennial Round Table 2018


On 20th June 2018 when I got invite to attend western union millennial roundtable I was pretty excited to hear the awesome and some amazing panelists. 


With the amazing skill of keeping everyone connected to the entire discussion host Ankit Vengurlekar, editor of technology at Tech2 given us some great time. 


Panelists consist of some powerful millennials- Sohini Rajola, Regional VP South Asia and Indo-China, Western Union, Pooja Dhingra, founder, and chef, Le 15 Patisserie, Karishma Mehta, founder, Human of Bombay, Himanshu Sehgal, founder, and Blogger. My Yellow Plate and Siddharth Shahani, Co-Founder and executive director at Indian School of Design & Innovation.


Hearing every unique story of these millennial was an inspiration in itself, Mrs. Sohini Rajola shared all details what they found in this survey and mentioned that “There are way more similarities among millennial globally than differences as they all believe in the power of technology, information, and social media.” 


I have followed panelist Himanshu Sehgal when his The Yellow Plate was featured on National Geographic, he actually pointed out the real good statement which I too believe in “ If you believe in Social media, social media will believe in you and millennials are global citizens because of social media.”

His inspiring story about how The yellow Plate came into existence was really a dream which he believed in and made it true.

Sohini Rajola proudly mentioned that because there is money moving for better, you will see an all-around improvement in education and health with positive changes, this is why Western Union helps to connect people and create more opportunities.


Karishma Mehta from Humans of Bombay was inspired by Humans of New York and shared how social media has power and how they have raised 6.5 lakhs in an hour using real videos and crowdfunding on social media for many causes. Some stories were really heart touching. 

Among all this sweetest journey of Le 15 Patisserie as Pooja discovered exquisite pastries in Paris and thought why they weren’t available in India and given us sweet tooth with Le 15 Patisserie. 


Learning so much from them and knowing the fact that for the millennials, the most important traits to achieve global citizenship and eradicate social discrimination is ensuring that there is respect for diversity, adaptability and the ability to embrace other countries.


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