Merries Baby Diaper

Merries Baby Diaper

March 26, 2019 15 By Ruchi Verma

The Best Pee Absorber Which Let Your Baby Keep Smiling With Comfort

Being a mother I can state that nothing is more important for me than my baby’s safety, comfort, health, and wellbeing. For toddlers, diaper selection is a big deal. It should be soft, gentle on skin, should let the skin breath enough so that the soft sensitive skin doesn’t get irritation or rashes. A lot of diaper companies are proclaiming same on the market but experimenting with a new one it is always distressful. But a step ahead can give you a better experience.

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Both Mom & baby happy with the extra comfort

Merries Baby diaper is one of the topmost diaper brands in Japan which have both tape diaper and pant diaper. It comes in all sizes to comfortably fit the baby. This brand is accolade by parents across the world. They organized a recent free web sampling where they received more than 5000 entries. Kao Corporation is the mother company that manufacturers this product.

The logo is shaped in a form of cradle inside the heart. The Merries is written in a cradle shaped on the logo which is inspired by Merry-go-round song which makes little kids smile and goes happy in rocking cradle. The heart emblazing the merry signifies mother’s caring and loving heart. Merrie’s bunnies are all the way from start to keep your baby happy and smiling. The white floppy background on the diaper is for a gentle, clean and clear look which is adorned with polka dot to make a funny and cool emblem.

Merries Baby Diaper

Why Merries?

The entire expert team of Merries is dedicated in providing the best comfort and care to your toddler. It aims to the hygienic and healthy growing of your kid in physical and psychological spheres. It involved top paediatrician and dermatologist across the world who are associated in researching on baby’s skin and also on the custom of using diaper. This has led to production of superfluous quality of baby diaper.

Three dedicated production plant under Kao is maintained across Japan for utmost hygiene in making these diapers. External environmental or other contamination is strictly controlled by rigorous technology. High-quality sensors and standard quality checking are consistently done. Each product comes with a serial number which can be tracked to check details even after delivery.

They especially focus on four main factors that can keep you and your baby smile with health and happiness:-

Merries Baby Diaper
  • Breathability Its unique design allows passage of air while it absorbs pees. It is one of the first of its type which has a comprehensive ventilation sheet that let skin breathe. Moisture of pee and its stuffiness are expelled out from three layers to keep the little one dry overnight.
  • GentlenessCorners are gentle and round as made from soft materials that let not scratch the baby’s skin. It is made of soft fibres which are gentle for the skin. They are on upsurge to prioritizing and developing gentleness more. 
  • Stretchiness It resealable tape makes the easy adjustment. It is rewarded for extreme comfort fit. It never comes too tight on the tummy. The little kid can sleep, play and move around happily with comfort. It is cozy and yet airy in design.
  • Wetness Indicator – Wetness indicator changes color when it is heavy with pee and notifies you to change diaper immediately.

Pick up your pack which is easily available on Amazon and get the best experience of smile and comfort on your little toddler’s face.

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