Laptop Love

Laptop love

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When I got married 10 years back, I had a desktop at home and very much possessed about laptops which were new in the market and was afforded by only people with high end of pocket or people who get it from office.

Being IT professional I really wanted to have one of my own. 

I told this to my loving hubby and always told him one day I will also have it. He just uses to smile and say yes you will. 

After my marriage within 6 months, Mayank my hubby got an opportunity to go to the US for a short-term project.

He went as his job and responsibilities demanded. 

When he returned back he bought a gift DELL laptop for me and I was on 9th, 10th or you can say 11th cloud with my gift. 

Slowly and slowly I was addicted to it.

I learned so much from that laptop.

Made my first FB account from that and it is really close to my heart. 

But, later it started giving me pain due to its battery issue and keyboard problem.

I used to be an active participant on FB in contest world and won many prizes too from washing machine, TV, iPhones but my hard luck no laptop. 

We tried to give it for repairing and get it done but due to motherboard got corrupted no chances of getting it repaired. 

With a heavy heart, we tried selling on different online sell and buy portal but all time I used to delete our advertisement as this laptop is connected to my heart as the first gift from hubby after marriage. 

Small poem on my DELL Love <3

You and me connected to heart

Gifted with love from my love

Connected to you from soul

Not getting courage to sell, 

You bring me smile 🙂

It’s our love story just Me and My Dell

Laptop love

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to things which are only materialistic because we are connected to them emotionally and this is one of such thing. 

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22 thoughts on “Laptop Love

  1. The laptop is a personal thing and it’s what my boss at that time told me when I shared that I am planning to go for one. I owned a Dell that I sold last year and have an HP now. There is so much emotions associated to the lappy.

  2. Such a cute post. I think I too got my first personal laptop from Dell since I too used to be a software professional back then 🙂
    Even the current one is from Dell… Loved the poem!!!

  3. Hahah.. such a sweet little poem, Well you know my love with DELL. story apart from this one though.
    Thanks for sharing an e-comm portal I wanted this so much to sell my old mobile phone.

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