Doordarshan- Now in Memories


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I still remember that startup tune of Doordarshan.  Doordarshan is now only left with memories. 

I feel all kids of 90’s would agree that watching TV means Doordarshan. 

This prompt took me back to my childhood with some amazing and even funny memory lane.

Doordarshan-Era of happiness and knowledge

I still remember when we got TV at home and only one channel used to be there Doordarshan and with limited serials. 

Rules to watch Doordarshan:

I still remember the craze for those serials.

Ramayan, twice a week Chitrahar on Wednesday and Friday 8 pm, Saturday one Bollywood movie, Sunday early morning Rangoli 

Yes, some rules were there at my home by my dad.

We have to get up early on Saturday and Sunday and study till 7:00 am then take a break watch Rangoli and then study again and 9 am watch Ramayan. 

11 my fav Serials of 90’s

Some serials mark impression on your mind and make you happy when you remember them later in life. 

Listing few which I remember watching and seriously we friends discussing too in school. 

1.RANGOLI: Every Sun morning started with this musical journey.


Twice a week and this is one for which I usually wait a lot to watch some old and new mix Bollywood songs 


Now we have so many cartoon channels but my Doordarshan memory has given me this cartoon best happy times.


Well just opposite to its name this series of comedy by Jaspal Bhatti was a real hit show of Doordarshan.


Filled with so much of information and interesting fact this one show was also on my must-watch list.

The best part I loved about this show was smiling face of the host Renuka Sahane.


The Only show for which I used to get up early in morning in the study was Ramayan.

I sill remember the originality of the cast and the way the acted so well where I loved Lakshman more than Ram.


Family of badki and chutki and their love. This was my mothers one of the favorites.  

8. CHANDRAKANTA: Love story of the most beautiful girl and yes I remember YAKU in the serial too. 

Love story of the most beautiful girl and yes I remember YAKU in the serial too. 


This fauji has taken away all hearts of Indian girls and till now everyone’s fav SRK in and as FAUJI.


This serial made me realize that woman can achieve a lot with self-determination.

The character of Mandira Bedi as Shanti proved so much and her long bindi always fascinated me yes, long black bindi. 

11. MAHABHARAT: This is once again where I started to belive that yes, Krishna Bhagwaan is really Nitish Bharadwaj. 

This is once again where I started to belive that yes, Krishna Bhagwaan is really Nitish Bharadwaj. 

Apart from these, there are much more Doordarshan has given me as memories, as in to adjust antenna on a terrace as no setup box and many memories to cherish lifelong. 

I am writing this post against prompt from indiSpire “Share your fond memories of Doordarshan when it was the only channel. #doordarshan” 

Share your memories of Doordarshan …… we are eager to read and know about it. 



Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Mahabhararata ,Ramyana ,Ducktales.fond memories.Loved this

    1. Yeah that was also there …

  2. Many of the pro­grams you have men­tioned were my favourites too. Suravi not only made many of India’s for­got­ten tra­di­tions famous, It was also famous for Renuka Sahane’s smile.

  3. All child­hood mem­o­ries. Chan­drakan­ta was my fab and anoth­er one was Alif laila. Fri­day and sat­ur­day late night hindi movie and every sun­day at 4pm there was a ben­gali movie.The whole fam­i­ly sit togeth­er and watch­ing movie. Some of our neigh­bours who did­nt have tv at their home also used to come and join us.

  4. Hey Ruchi, this is such an exciting Doordarshan Dream-Trip down Memory lane. The only difference being, in my home the rules, the time and serials allowed to be watched were set by Aai.

    1. Seriously I miss those days the when papa’s rulees were followed and we follow them happily

  5. Nostalgic!! Remember waiting for all these daily soaps on doordarshan. Beautiful compilation and I miss those days

  6. Ahh… feeling so nostalgic! I remember watching Ramayan with mum!

  7. Haha, you got me a throwback, thanks for sharing! ??

  8. These names got a smile on my face, yes Doordarshan was something that can never be forgotten from our hearts & mind.

  9. Totally.. Love that era and miss those times

  10. Aww… You brought back old memories.. I too loved watching rangoli, Ramayan ,Mahabharat ,chandrakanta, etc… You know I too loved the lakhman of Ramayan more than Ram and I too considered Nitish bhardwaj as real Krishna…. Hahaha… Feeling nostalgic…

  11. Life with Doordarshan was so simple with simple rules and no conflict. Nice read Ruchi

  12. aap chahein to doordarshan ke 80-90 ke t.v. Serial jaise dada dadi ki kahaniya etc. Start karwa dijiyega. Bada aanand aayenga.

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