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I still remem­ber that star­tup tune of Door­dar­shan.  Door­dar­shan is now only left with mem­o­ries. 

I feel all kids of 90’s would agree that watch­ing TV means Door­dar­shan. 

This prompt took me back to my child­hood with some amaz­ing and even fun­ny mem­o­ry lane.

Doordarshan-Era of happiness and knowledge

I still remem­ber when we got TV at home and only one chan­nel used to be there Door­dar­shan and with lim­it­ed seri­als. 

Rules to watch Doordarshan:

I still remem­ber the craze for those seri­als.

Ramayan, twice a week Chi­tra­har on Wednes­day and Fri­day 8 pm, Sat­ur­day one Bol­ly­wood movie, Sun­day ear­ly morn­ing Ran­goli 

Yes, some rules were there at my home by my dad.

We have to get up ear­ly on Sat­ur­day and Sun­day and study till 7:00 am then take a break watch Ran­goli and then study again and 9 am watch Ramayan. 

11 my fav Serials of 90’s

Some seri­als mark impres­sion on your mind and make you hap­py when you remem­ber them lat­er in life. 

List­ing few which I remem­ber watch­ing and seri­ous­ly we friends dis­cussing too in school. 

1.RANGOLI: Every Sun morn­ing start­ed with this musi­cal jour­ney.


Twice a week and this is one for which I usu­al­ly wait a lot to watch some old and new mix Bol­ly­wood songs 


Now we have so many car­toon chan­nels but my Door­dar­shan mem­o­ry has given me this car­toon best hap­py times. 


Well just oppo­site to its name this series of com­e­dy by Jas­pal Bhat­ti was a real hit show of Door­dar­shan.


Filled with so much of infor­ma­tion and inter­est­ing fact this one show was also on my must-watch list. 

The best part I loved about this show was smil­ing face of the host Renuka Sahane.


The Only show for which I used to get up ear­ly in morn­ing in the study was Ramayan.

I sill remem­ber the orig­i­nal­i­ty of the cast and the way the act­ed so well where I loved Lak­sh­man more than Ram.


Fam­i­ly of bad­ki and chutki and their love. This was my moth­ers one of the favorites. 

8. CHANDRAKANTA: Love sto­ry of the most beau­ti­ful girl and yes I remem­ber YAKU in the seri­al too. 

Love sto­ry of the most beau­ti­ful girl and yes I remem­ber YAKU in the seri­al too. 


This fau­ji has tak­en away all hearts of Indi­an girls and till now everyone’s fav SRK in and as FAUJI.


This seri­al made me real­ize that wom­an can achieve a lot with self-deter­mi­na­tion.

The char­ac­ter of Mandi­ra Bedi as Shan­ti proved so much and her long bindi always fas­ci­nat­ed me yes, long black bindi. 

11. MAHABHARAT: This is once again where I start­ed to belive that yes, Krish­na Bhag­waan is real­ly Nitish Bharad­waj. 

This is once again where I start­ed to belive that yes, Krish­na Bhag­waan is real­ly Nitish Bharad­waj. 

Apart from the­se, there are much more Door­dar­shan has given me as mem­o­ries, as in to adjust anten­na on a ter­race as no setup box and many mem­o­ries to cher­ish life­long. 

I am writ­ing this post again­st prompt from indiSpire “Share your fond mem­o­ries of Door­dar­shan when it was the only chan­nel. #door­dar­shan” 

Share your mem­o­ries of Door­dar­shan .….. we are eager to read and know about it. 


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14 Thoughts to “Doordarshan- Now in Memories”

  1. Amrita

    Mahab­hararata ‚Ramyana ‚Ducktales.fond memories.Loved this

    1. wigglingpen

      Yeah that was also there …

  2. Many of the pro­grams you have men­tioned were my favourites too. Suravi not only made many of India’s for­got­ten tra­di­tions famous, It was also famous for Renuka Sahane’s smile.

  3. All child­hood mem­o­ries. Chan­drakan­ta was my fab and anoth­er one was Alif laila. Fri­day and sat­ur­day late night hindi movie and every sun­day at 4pm there was a ben­gali movie.The whole fam­i­ly sit togeth­er and watch­ing movie. Some of our neigh­bours who did­nt have tv at their home also used to come and join us.

  4. Hey Ruchi, this is such an excit­ing Door­dar­shan Dream-Trip down Mem­o­ry lane. The only dif­fer­ence being, in my home the rules, the time and seri­als allowed to be watched were set by Aai.

    1. wigglingpen

      Seri­ous­ly I miss those days the when papa’s rulees were fol­lowed and we fol­low them hap­pi­ly

  5. Nos­tal­gic!! Remem­ber wait­ing for all the­se dai­ly soaps on door­dar­shan. Beau­ti­ful com­pi­la­tion and I miss those days

  6. Ahh… feel­ing so nos­tal­gic! I remem­ber watch­ing Ramayan with mum!

  7. Haha, you got me a throw­back, thanks for shar­ing! ??

  8. The­se names got a smile on my face, yes Door­dar­shan was some­thing that can nev­er be for­got­ten from our hearts & mind.

  9. Total­ly.. Love that era and miss those times

  10. Aww… You brought back old mem­o­ries.. I too loved watch­ing ran­goli, Ramayan ‚Mahab­harat ‚chan­drakan­ta, etc… You know I too loved the lakhman of Ramayan more than Ram and I too con­sid­ered Nitish bhard­waj as real Krish­na.… Haha­ha… Feel­ing nos­tal­gic…

  11. Life with Door­dar­shan was so sim­ple with sim­ple rules and no con­flict. Nice read Ruchi

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