How to say “NO”?

Day 2


Say­ing NO is real­ly impor­tant for any per­son but only thing WHAT I DON’T KNOW?” is reaL­ly how to say NO ..

Why say­ing NO is impor­tant? 

  1. By say­ing NO you can only con­cen­trate on the things that are real­ly impor­tant.
  2. Say­ing YES to all and every thing will make you over com­mit­ted.
  3. If you can’t keep your com­mit­ment you will end up with frus­tra­tion & stresst­ed.
  4. NO is not neg­a­tive word but say­ing it saves your life pains.
  5. Say­ing NO is an impor­tant skill learn to say it with a smile.

I’m still in learn­ing process to say know as this is What I don’t know?

How are you doing at say­ing “no”? You can leave a com­ment…


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Day 2 #BarAThon


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  1. Very true Ruchi. Many of us face this prob­lem of not being able to say No. Its more of a habit I guess. Chang­ing it will def­i­nite­ly bring peace in one’s life.
    But with a Smile 🙂

  2. Say­ing No was tough ini­tial­ly. But over a peri­od of time, I have learnt to say No, assertive­ly and that sim­pli­fies life and brings a lot of peace too!

  3. Say­ing a polite yet firm No saves you from many trou­bles and dis­com­fort. Peo­ple start tak­ing you for grant­ed if you can’t say a NO. It’s tough but I am learn­ing.

    Nice take!

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