Teen ka ank aur mai

Day 14

My parents perfect couple I have ever seen in my life !! They just made our life beautiful filled with all great memories… But some memories are heartbreaking and one such memory is my dad’s death well this is not end but his death anniversary is same as my moms birthday!!

My mother is great strong lady who is living to fulfill his dreams& spreading knowledge with her small school..

The day dad left us.. She penned down her feelings which she never shared in form of a poem …

Once u read it you will get to know her life revolved around number 3

Teen ka ank aur mai

??? ?? ??? ?? ???

Teen ka ank aur mai
Teen may san bawan ki prat mere mt pita ko mili ek saugat
Nanhi bitiya ne kholi aankh sare ghar ki khil gayi banchh
Kitni hi teen tarikhe aayi aur gayi,beti padh likh kar sayani ho gayi
pahle school aur phir collage gayi

phir aayi 3may san sattar vo sham,

jab mere sas sasur ne mere mat pita se manga mera haath
phir kya meri sagai ho gayi pal bhar me beti parayi ho gayi
theek ek mah k bad ki hi to baat darwaze aa gayi barat

vo 3 jun sattar ki hi rat jab sat feron k saath mujhe mila
mere pati ka kahte hai sat janmo ka saath
kuchdari hui kuch sahmihui chodh babul ka sath
aa gayi apne gharbar

kitni teen tarikhen aur teen may aate jate rahe ham ek dusare k
purak ban chalte rahe

Par aaj theek chalis varsho bad aayi 3may2010 ki vobhayanak rat
jab mere pati ne choda mera saath
man bilakh utha chitkar kar utha he prabho kya yahi hai sat janmo ka saath
a mere jeewathitum to anant ki yatra par chale gaye parmatma me vilin ho gaye chod kar beechbhawar me mera saaath
he prabhu mujhe pura hai vishwas nahi tutegi meri aas
jab mai pure kar loo apne pat kchode hue adhure kam
chalte firte lle kar prabhu ka naam
kisi3may ko hi mujhebhi anant ki yatra par bula lena aur mere jeewan ka teen may amar kar dena

By: Manju Srivastava 

My mom is most inspiring & strong lady !!

Love you mummy always be healthy & stay smiling as u always do !!


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  1. Lovely post! Touched my soul completely…She’s indeed a very strong lady.. Regards to her 🙂

    1. Yes she is !! Blessed to be her daughter

  2. Poignant. Life is difficult. It depends on our own strength. Sometimes, strange things happen – this no. 3 thing. How ironic!

    Best wishes…

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