Dahi Vada is very popular dish from North India mainly cooked on Diwali..
This Diwali I made yummy dahi wade … I am posting recipe here with picture of soft & yummy Dahi wade!!!

1. Soak Urad ki dal for 2-3 hours.
(I have soaked around 250 grams dal)


2. Grind it after 2-3 hours in a smooth paste and wrisk it till it get fluffy.


3. Add finely chopped Green chillies (if you can have I have added 2 ), finely chopped coriander leaves, grated ginger and salt (according to taste, remember in curd also you will add salt.. So be careful)


4. Give whatever shape you want to give greasing your palm with water. And deep fry till it turns golden.



5. Now vade are ready.


6. Now take curd and add sugar (if you wish sweet curd) and wrisk it till it goes smooth.


7. Soak your dahi vada in hot water for min 1/2hr and then take it out squeeze all water roll in curd and sprinkle salt, red chillie powder and jeera powder and put some mitthi chutney ( you can try with maggi pichku)

Dahi Vada

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