Bhai Dooj

DAY 1 # NaBloPoMo


Mon­th of Novem­ber start­ed with an aus­pi­cious day Bhai Dooj …

Story Behind Bhai Dooj 

Long time back, Surya, the sun God, was mar­ried to a beau­ti­ful princess called Samj­na (also prounced as Sangya). In course of a year, she pre­sent­ed Him with twins. The twins were chris­tened Yama, and Varni or Yamu­na, and they grew up togeth­er.
How­ev­er, Samj­na, after some time, were unable to bear the bril­liance of her hus­band, decid­ed to go back to earth. How­ev­er, she left her shad­ow, Chaya, her exact repli­ca, behind, so that to Surya, it would appear that she is still there.However, Chhaya turned out to be a cru­el step­moth­er and was very unkind to the twins. She soon gave birth to her own chil­dren, and con­vinced Surya to dri­ve out Samjna’s twins from the heav­en. Varni fell to earth and became the river Yamu­na, and Yama went to the under­world (hell) and became the King of Death.

Years passed. Varni mar­ried a hand­some prince and was haapy in her life but she missed her broth­er want­ed to see him. Yama, too, missed his sis­ter and decid­ed one day to vis­it her.

After hear­ing the news of her brother’s vis­it, Varni pre­pared a great feast in his hon­or. It was two days after Deep­avali, so her home was already dec­o­rat­ed. Yama, too, was delight­ed by his sister’s lov­ing wel­come, and broth­er and sis­ter spent a pleas­ant evening in each other’s com­pa­ny, after their long peri­od of sep­a­ra­tion.

When it was time for Yama to return to his king­dom in hell, he turned to his sis­ter and said, “Dear Varni, you have wel­comed me so lov­ing­ly. But I did not bring you a gift. Ask, there­fore, for some­thing and it will be yours.” So inre­turn Varni asked from him that all broth­ers should remem­ber their sis­ters on this day and vis­it them if they can, and that, on this day, all sis­ters should pray for the hap­pi­ness of their broth­ers. This is how the cus­tom of Bhai-duj, or bhai-phon­ta, came into prac­tice.

Today kids get ready ear­ly morn­ing, sis­ters pray to God for their broth­ers long life.


Tikka for Bhaiya 


Sweet time for Bhai


Gift for sister 


Bhai -Behan Ka pyaar — Bhai Dooj ka tyohaar 

This Post is writ­ten for Day#1 of NaBloPo­Mo   (Nation­al Blog Post­ing Mon­th) which chal­lenges you to a blog post every sin­gle day in Novem­ber. Pub­lish posts dai­ly, meet oth­er blog­gers, and try some­thing new. 



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  1. cute pictures.Great job with back­sto­ry as well.I real­ly did not the real myth behind Bhai Dooj.
    Great work!!

    Btw I write movie reviews at mt blog.So if u can spare some time..please drop by and feed­back is welcome.Thanks!

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