21 Random facts about ME ;)


Well there is hardly anything which noone knows but some random facts about ME!!!

  1. True Gemini :gemini-quotes-1 I am a Gemini and proud of it 🙂 well…I have great quality of Gemini’s and believe that I have a twin sister inside me 🙂
  2. Thing which make me happy :
    When I really worked hard on any job …may be at home , cooking, managing things or in my job and when someone appreciate it and pat my back …It makes me happy.
  3. I’m sad : When I look up for an advice or to tell my achievement to my dad but can’t even call him, I feel sad as God seems to be in more need and he called him.
  4. Angry me : When I see people trying to take up advantage of other people just because other person is not saying anything. It really turn me off.
  5. Irritated me : when I hear someone being so sweet without really meaning those words.Someone who just say as they want to without meaning it from heart.
  6. My weakness: My kids.
  7. My Strength: Mayank my husband who knows me better than me.
  8. Thing I loveeeee to do : Dancing , can’t stop hearing good music and once started can’t stop dancing.
  9. I can’t stay at home with pets. Sorry !! I don’t like pets.
  10. Thing which annoys me : Don’t be over friendly and don’t poke our nose in my business until I want u to advice.
  11. I believe in GOD!!
  12. I don’t believe in daily sitting for hours and praying in front of God. I can’t do that.
  13. My best moment when me & Ira (my daughter) do some craft activity together.
  14. My fav food : Gol gappe, chicken,nimona,Kadhi….list is soooo long.
  15. My fav chef : My mom
  16. My Inspiration: My mom she is really a superwomen.
  17. Most scary moment of my life : When I was delivering my second baby premature Viraj and doctors given up and said “no chances of his survival” Bu my believe in GOD saved him.
  18. Thing I can never say but mean a lot : I love my inlaws but can’t say it as sounds me chessy if I say. But I really love them.
  19. Fav fighter(s) in my life: My all 3 sisters. Love to fight and being bossy on them.
  20. My fav Actress: Madhuri Dixit
  21. My fav quote: “Smile it costs nothing” .

These are random facts about me. Written for the prompt ” 21 random facts about me” and linking this post to Write Tribe.



Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Omg that was very scary about your second delivery. I can understand what a would be mom would feel if doctors say something like that!

    1. Yes Tina !! those days were most scary days …read my Miracle boy’s story here http://wp.me/p51VX6-mM

  2. these 21 things about you has made me look in a different perspective – really. Loved it Ruchi.
    Menaka Bharathi has recently published http://simpleindianmom.in/coir-pith-for-terrace-garden-nutritive-growth-substrate-organic-veggies/

    1. Thanks for hopping here 🙂 & liking 🙂

  3. Good to know more about you Ruchi 🙂

  4. It’s great to read and know you better through the post.. glad to have connected with you 🙂

  5. True facts ….I certify ??

  6. I have been reading about the 21facts from some bloggers now…so unique we all are. Happy to read this as well.

  7. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life. Glad your son was okay. dropping by from the fridayreflections linkup

  8. I love Madhuri too, hate being over friendly or others act smart with me. A slice of life you wrote and winning hearts:)

  9. Good to know #TheMagicalPot team member a little better. My love to Viraj and Ira ! And yes, my kid is my weakness too.

    1. 3 cheers for #TheMagicalPot

  10. Hi five, fellow Gemini! 🙂
    I ams scared of pets! I loved knowing you more!:)

    1. Yo! I love being a Gemini n proud that can hold happiness n sadness together because of soul sister inside

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