21 Random facts about ME ;)


Well there is hard­ly any­thing which noone knows but some ran­dom facts about ME!!!

  1. True Gem­i­ni :gemini-quotes-1 I am a Gem­i­ni and proud of it 🙂 well…I have great qual­i­ty of Gemini’s and believe that I have a twin sis­ter inside me 🙂
  2. Thing which make me hap­py :
    When I real­ly worked hard on any job …may be at home , cook­ing, man­ag­ing things or in my job and when some­one appre­ci­ate it and pat my back …It makes me hap­py.
  3. I’m sad : When I look up for an advice or to tell my achieve­ment to my dad but can’t even call him, I feel sad as God seems to be in more need and he called him.
  4. Angry me : When I see peo­ple try­ing to take up advan­tage of oth­er peo­ple just because oth­er per­son is not say­ing any­thing. It real­ly turn me off.
  5. Irri­tat­ed me : when I hear some­one being so sweet with­out real­ly mean­ing those words.Someone who just say as they want to with­out mean­ing it from heart.
  6. My weak­ness: My kids.
  7. My Strength: Mayank my hus­band who knows me bet­ter than me.
  8. Thing I loveeeee to do : Danc­ing , can’t stop hear­ing good music and once start­ed can’t stop danc­ing.
  9. I can’t stay at home with pets. Sor­ry !! I don’t like pets.
  10. Thing which annoys me : Don’t be over friend­ly and don’t poke our nose in my busi­ness until I want u to advice.
  11. I believe in GOD!!
  12. I don’t believe in dai­ly sit­ting for hours and pray­ing in front of God. I can’t do that.
  13. My best moment when me & Ira (my daugh­ter) do some craft activ­i­ty togeth­er.
  14. My fav food : Gol gappe, chicken,nimona,Kadhi.…list is soooo long.
  15. My fav chef : My mom
  16. My Inspi­ra­tion: My mom she is real­ly a super­wom­en.
  17. Most scary moment of my life : When I was deliv­er­ing my sec­ond baby pre­ma­ture Viraj and doc­tors given up and said “no chances of his sur­vival” Bu my believe in GOD saved him.
  18. Thing I can nev­er say but mean a lot : I love my inlaws but can’t say it as sounds me chessy if I say. But I real­ly love them.
  19. Fav fighter(s) in my life: My all 3 sis­ters. Love to fight and being bossy on them.
  20. My fav Actress: Mad­huri Dix­it
  21. My fav quote: “Smile it costs noth­ing” .

The­se are ran­dom facts about me. Writ­ten for the prompt ” 21 ran­dom facts about me” and link­ing this post to Write Tribe.


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