A Look Into The 5 Best Romantic Movies By Imtiaz Ali

How can you define an array of Imtiaz Ali films? A mirror to life which highlights the core of human mind which otherwise dares not to open up. The surreal experiences are portrayed through real characters. He has unlocked a unique set of film strategy in Bollywood which is even appreciated by the critics.

Being just 7-films old, he directed back to back super hits Laila Majnu being the most recent one opens up our perspective of knowing our self and desires irrespective of what social constructs taught us.

Laila Majnu

In an established backdrop of folklore where the heroine speaks out NO with a YES in heart, Imtiaz Ali and his brother Sajid Ali direction, weave magic onscreen. 2018 introduced us to the lovebirds Laila Majnu unraveling the complexities of life and society and surpassing the love for each other.

The essence of this movie is the presentation of the predominant love story of a ravishing Kashmiri beauty Laila and a naughty brat Majnu. Both their parents being political rivals raves out their romance which makes the twist.

Imtiaz and Sajid Ali have underplayed a great love story by flanking the Laila Majnu tale of history and previous cinematic depictions. Just like other movies of Imtiaz Ali, it has a unique cast, direction, and cinematography.

But it is the featuring of Avinash Tiwari as Qaes and Tripti Dimri as Laila that truly shines in the movie. Their intense performances make Laila Majnu the ode to a classic love story it is.


The opening of the film simply seemed meaningless to me. But going through the screenplay, I could connect and summarise the last and first scene. It really left me stunned and carried me away with the truth of life which perhaps we prefer to cloak on. The misfit Ved who has an unknown world of fantasy tries hard to fit into a social construct. In some sphere or the other, we all come across this crisis. It hits on a delicate chord where everyone can live an independent life without compromising on their dreams.


Portraying another facet of love where two-people meet who are absolutely opposite but are anguished, injured by the upper-class society and by the social demon. The story of Veera, an upper-class teenage girl being kidnapped.

Amongst crude reality of life, she finds her love who can keep her winged and un-trapped soul far away from the hidden dark phase of the upper class. Only Imtiaz Ali could have handled the complex topic of Stockholm Syndrome with such finesse.


This is a story of a broken soul, a singer. His un-yielded love is outpoured through his songs. The movie had Ranbir Kapoor playing the main protagonist. Being a story of a rebel, it has deep underplayed meaning which can only be deciphered by a broken heart in love.

Imtiaz Ali movies have a lot of space for audience participation and anticipation. In Rockstar too, it aims not only to let the audience take off the seat with joyous moments but also get them thinking with some food for thought.

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Socha Na Tha

It is a refreshing love story revolving around an arranged marriage. This had been his first film that still feels fresh without any complicated twists. “Do what your heart says” is again the theme which stands in this movie. Maybe this is the message which he wanted to communicate to his audience all along.

So, basically, even though Bollywood is infused with romantic movies, there are very few directors like Imtiaz Ali who were able to get the genre right. So, on that note, do share your views on Imtiaz Ali’s movies in the comments below.

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  1. I do like Imtiaz Ali’s movies, haven’t watched Laila Majnu yet, but loved few of the songs in the movie, would definitely watch it for sure. Thank you for sharing such an amazing list

  2. I love Imtiaz Ali’s movies. Already have seen highway and tamasha . Now looking forward to watch Laila Majnu . I am so excited.

  3. Imtiaz is one of my favourite director. All his movies are awesome. Jab we met is my all time favourite.

  4. I’m a huge fan of Imtiaz Ali, but your list misses out on my two favourites- Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal. Rockstar and Tamasha were nice but didn’t move the way these other two did. I haven’t watched the rest on your list!

  5. Imtiyaz Ali and his acting is something I have always cherished. The way he enacted in highway was worth all applauding. Good list compiled.

  6. I just love his creation. Especially highway, tamasha and Laila majnu- These are some movies which are really worth watching. ?

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