Being a moth­er is the best and the most won­der­ful expe­ri­ence and jour­ney. When my daugh­ter was born, I whis­pered into her ears,”Let’s form the clos­est bond – a bond that’ll stay with us forever. 

Yes, I do believe that con­nec­tion between a moth­er and child starts as soon as one gets to know that she is preg­nant.

I was not so scared about how to han­dle my daugh­ter, but yes strug­gled with lack of lit­tle infor­ma­tion about the ‘hows, whens and whys’! 

Despite the new mom chal­lenges, I promised Ira, my daugh­ter, that I will give her the best and prove myself as a won­der­ful moth­er.

Her infec­tious smile is some­thing I nev­er want to fade away and so I decid­ed to learn ways of bring­ing her up. Hail­ing from UP, I have heard so many myths from friends and rel­a­tives about many things regard­ing rear­ing a child, espe­cial­ly mas­sag­ing the baby. 

I planned to go with my instinct and also rely on the expe­ri­ence of my moth­er in law and mom (for me, their advice is more rel­e­vant than 100 oth­er peo­ple, who had no job but to give me all kinds of advice). 

I also learned that the best way to con­nect and form a bond with my daugh­ter is mas­sag­ing her.

I want to share some of the­se myths I came through. Not because some of the­se myths real­ly scared m, but also because I want to spread aware­ness about them amongst new mums that don’t believe every­thing you hear. Use your own judg­ment and instincts. Here are some of them:

Myths of Massaging

  • After mas­sage gives a heat of coal and ajwain to kid’s body by hold­ing him/her up on burn­ing coal.
  •   Roll baby in a bed sheet and roll him/her from one end of the room to anoth­er to increase blood cir­cu­la­tion.
  •    Stretch neck, nose while mas­sag­ing so that it can be longer and more beau­ti­ful.
  •   Don’t mas­sage after the meal.
  • Let the baby cry while mas­sag­ing as it will open his vocal cord.
  • Mas­sag­ing with “Besan and milk” for get­ting the fair skin of the baby.

I feel any new mom­my will be scared of know­ing the­se things and will think twice as to whether to mas­sage or not. Thanks to guid­ing sources in life, my two moms, and my pedi­a­tri­cian, the­se myths were bust­ed.

Mas­sag­ing was not only a bond­ing exer­cise for me and Ira but we enjoyed every ses­sion of it. 

I would love to share my learn­ing as to how this mas­sag­ing ses­sion con­nect­ed us more and more every sin­gle pass­ing day.

First and fore­most it’s impor­tant to remem­ber that mas­sag­ing is not only ben­e­fi­cial for baby but also for the moth­er. This is the time when you will start form­ing that ear­ly bond of trust with the lit­tle life­line of yours.

Tips for massaging and connecting

  •     It’s ONLY me and my baby’s time. Avoid intru­sions and be ready for some mum­ma-baby time.
  • Make sure every­thing is handy before you start the ses­sion — oil, tow­el, extra dia­per, the pair of fresh clothes etc.
  • Dim the lights, and play a lit­tle music (if you like). I pre­ferred not to go with music as we both love talk­ing more (Yes, both I and my daugh­ter are chat­ter­box­es).
  • Talk while mas­sag­ing, keep an eye con­tact. Slow­ly and grad­u­al­ly you will notice a respon­se.
  •   Every day is not Sun­day. May­be your baby cries a lot some­day, not will­ing to get a mas­sage. Don’t force and let it go.
  • Some babies sleep while get­ting a mas­sage; now don’t force them to be awake for bath and then make them go to sleep. Let those tiny balls of cot­ton sleep.
  • Yes, you can mas­sage after bathing them. It’s not com­pul­so­ry to give them a mas­sage before bath only. It works either way!
  • There should not be a restric­tion of how many times you can mas­sage in a day. If the baby enjoys more than once or twice, go for it.
  • Mas­sag­ing is not only a mom’s job. The father can also take up this respon­si­bil­i­ty some­times as this increas­es the baby’s cir­cle of secu­ri­ty. Plus it helps dads too bond with babies. Ira’s dad enjoyed a lot while giv­ing her mas­sage.
  • Last but not least, use a good mas­sage oil which does not lead to any sort of aller­gy or rash­es to a baby. For that, before using direct­ly on the baby, do a patch test behind ears.

Now I am a moth­er of anoth­er lit­tle munchk­in who is equal­ly adorable and requires my full atten­tion and con­nec­tion. Lit­tle Viraj now enjoys mas­sage ses­sions with me and his dad along with big sis­ter Ira.

This time again I promised to give the best to my baby and so trust­ed Dove Baby mas­sage oil, which is pedi­a­tri­cian and der­ma­tol­o­gist test­ed, hypoal­ler­genic, has mild fra­grance for del­i­cate baby’s skin and holds good­ness of ingre­di­ents which are ben­e­fi­cial for babies.

As Viraj is an extreme­ly pre­ma­ture baby, his skin is even more del­i­cate and los­es mois­ture much faster. So I prefer to mas­sage him with Dove Baby mas­sage oil to keep his skin hydrat­ed and mois­tur­ized.

And this oil does won­ders, even on Viraj’s skin. Mas­sag­ing has def­i­nite­ly helped me con­nect with my kids fur­ther, and now we enjoy a beau­ti­ful bond which I’ll cher­ish forever.

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