A Bond With My Children That I’ll Cherish Forever

Being a mother is the best and the most wonderful experience and journey. When my daughter was born, I whispered into her ears,”Let’s form the closest bond – a bond that’ll stay with us forever.

Yes, I do believe that connection between a mother and child starts as soon as one gets to know that she is pregnant.

I was not so scared about how to handle my daughter, but yes struggled with lack of little information about the ‘hows, whens and whys’!

Despite the new mom challenges, I promised Ira, my daughter, that I will give her the best and prove myself as a wonderful mother.

Her infectious smile is something I never want to fade away and so I decided to learn ways of bringing her up. Hailing from UP, I have heard so many myths from friends and relatives about many things regarding rearing a child, especially massaging the baby.

I planned to go with my instinct and also rely on the experience of my mother in law and mom (for me, their advice is more relevant than 100 other people, who had no job but to give me all kinds of advice).

I also learned that the best way to connect and form a bond with my daughter is massaging her.

I want to share some of these myths I came through. Not because some of these myths really scared m, but also because I want to spread awareness about them amongst new mums that don’t believe everything you hear. Use your own judgment and instincts. Here are some of them:

Myths of Massaging

  • After massage gives a heat of coal and ajwain to kid’s body by holding him/her up on burning coal.
  •   Roll baby in a bed sheet and roll him/her from one end of the room to another to increase blood circulation.
  •    Stretch neck, nose while massaging so that it can be longer and more beautiful.
  •   Don’t massage after the meal.
  • Let the baby cry while massaging as it will open his vocal cord.
  • Massaging with “Besan and milk” for getting the fair skin of the baby.

I feel any new mommy will be scared of knowing these things and will think twice as to whether to massage or not. Thanks to guiding sources in life, my two moms, and my pediatrician, these myths were busted.

Massaging was not only a bonding exercise for me and Ira but we enjoyed every session of it.

I would love to share my learning as to how this massaging session connected us more and more every single passing day.

First and foremost it’s important to remember that massaging is not only beneficial for baby but also for the mother. This is the time when you will start forming that early bond of trust with the little lifeline of yours.

Tips for massaging and connecting

  •     It’s ONLY me and my baby’s time. Avoid intrusions and be ready for some mumma-baby time.
  • Make sure everything is handy before you start the session – oil, towel, extra diaper, the pair of fresh clothes etc.
  • Dim the lights, and play a little music (if you like). I preferred not to go with music as we both love talking more (Yes, both I and my daughter are chatterboxes).
  • Talk while massaging, keep an eye contact. Slowly and gradually you will notice a response.
  •   Every day is not Sunday. Maybe your baby cries a lot someday, not willing to get a massage. Don’t force and let it go.
  • Some babies sleep while getting a massage; now don’t force them to be awake for bath and then make them go to sleep. Let those tiny balls of cotton sleep.
  • Yes, you can massage after bathing them. It’s not compulsory to give them a massage before bath only. It works either way!
  • There should not be a restriction of how many times you can massage in a day. If the baby enjoys more than once or twice, go for it.
  • Massaging is not only a mom’s job. The father can also take up this responsibility sometimes as this increases the baby’s circle of security. Plus it helps dads too bond with babies. Ira’s dad enjoyed a lot while giving her massage.
  • Last but not least, use a good massage oil which does not lead to any sort of allergy or rashes to a baby. For that, before using directly on the baby, do a patch test behind ears.

Now I am a mother of another little munchkin who is equally adorable and requires my full attention and connection. Little Viraj now enjoys massage sessions with me and his dad along with big sister Ira.

This time again I promised to give the best to my baby and so trusted Dove Baby massage oil, which is pediatrician and dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, has mild fragrance for delicate baby’s skin and holds goodness of ingredients which are beneficial for babies.

As Viraj is an extremely premature baby, his skin is even more delicate and loses moisture much faster. So I prefer to massage him with Dove Baby massage oil to keep his skin hydrated and moisturized.

And this oil does wonders, even on Viraj’s skin. Massaging has definitely helped me connect with my kids further, and now we enjoy a beautiful bond which I’ll cherish forever.

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Myths are seriously very funny??

  2. I have always believed in the magic of Massaging a baby and gave Arham a good massage daily till 3 years. Good read

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