Congratulations !!! winners …..

Request you all winner to message your mailing address to Sandy’s Bake Studio and check your twitter DM for digital certificates from us !!

Thanks to our really helpful jury Mayura and Nishi who took time for this and given us most deserving winners… others who haven’t won this time just keep following much more is coming up !!!
Happy New Year 2017 !!!!

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5 Thoughts to “Winners of Flashback Refreshed”

  1. Feels awesome to win on your very first blog contest… happy happy feeling indeed…it’s ringing HNY 2K17

  2. Thanks Ruchi and Sands bake studio
    I AM so happy to win the competition. A fantastic way to greet the New year

  3. Thanks Ruchi and Sands bake studio
    Happy to win a foodie contest 🙂

  4. Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

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