Win India Vs Pakistan Fantasy Match With Skill

India Vs Pakistan

India and Pakistan cricket matches are one of the most epic encounters in the history of cricket. Excitement, thrill and talismanic experience enthral cricket lovers across the world. Games and competition are a mood churner which witnesses an elation of emotion from supporters.

Due to which, social media platforms get flooded with comments, prediction, criticism, and memes roar up the charm of the game to height. Moreover, when it is about a match of India and Pakistan, the thrill reaches its zenith.

Let’s play the fantasy Game

Now, you can play your own match on Dream11. Betting on cricket is banned in India. But playing cricket with skill is approved by the Indian government. It has no legal risk to play. Here you can form your own team, play the game and earn money which is totally legal. Dream11 is a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Here you can select any match; say an India vs Pakistan match from an upcoming series. Now with your skill and expertise in cricket, you may set team members.  The budget allotted to players for creating a team is 100 credits.

India Vs Pakistan

Some facts you would love to note  

India and Pakistan share the same cricket passion and in the post-independence era, some of the talented cricketers had even played for both the teams, prior to the partition. This complex arrangement aroused the fervour and excitement within individuals from both nations. Till date, we find folk who are not much inclined to cricket but keep checking scores and pray for India winning against Pakistan and vice versa. Irrespective of age, gender, and profession, India vs Pakistan matches have become an outlet for the passion we share for the country and the sport.

  1. Do you know what is the highest individual ODI score of Pakistan against India? – It is 194 by batsman Saeed Anwar on the year 1997.
  2. Want to know the highest individual score of India against Pakistan? – Virat Kohli scored 183 in 2012 against Pakistan.
  3. Highest Indian ODI total against Pakistan? – 356/9 is the highest Indian ODI score.
  4. Highest Pakistan ODI total against India? – 344/8 is highest Pakistan ODI.
  5. Any idea which was the most viewed India vs Pakistan match – Nearly 495 million cricket crazy fans viewed the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, Semifinal between India & Pakistan.

How to use the Dream11 app

Now that you have been enlightened with interesting facts from past India vs Pakistan matches, let us know how we can play cricket matches on Dream11. Actually, it is quite simple to use this app. At first, you have to sign up to participate in this platform. It is not necessary that you spend your money here initially. You can just simply participate in the practice contests and hone your skills.

India Vs Pakistan

But the actual fun begins when you move on to the actual matches. Here, your score in a match is actually earned when your selected players and the team plays well in the actual match. Points are earned at the end of the game based on the performance of the cricketers. Meanwhile, you can compare your performance and expertise on the game to understand your flaws and improve your strategies.

To play fantasy sports games on Dream11, submitting your PAN number, identification details and bank details is must for registering. But the best part – the winner can earn up to 10,000 in a match and runner-ups can earn up to 1500. Withdrawing the money you have in your Dream11 account is not much of a task too. You can withdraw the money through a safe payment gateway without any hassle. So, enjoy cricket and use your expertise to earn handsome without any legal deviation.

Are you excited to play this fantasy cricket match… 

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  1. Not much of a cricket fan , will suggest this fantasy game to husband. He might download this app. Thanks for suggesting.

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