When I Was A Child


When I was a child I still remem­ber and cher­ish some very hap­py and fun­ny moments of child­hood.

One such fun­ny inci­dent I still remem­ber and we often laugh on it.

Me and my elder sis­ter used to take a walk of our lane. I was 12–13 years old and very quick in reply­ing and singing is my all time fav job. So we both were tak­ing walk and being a die hard fan of Mad­huri Dix­it I start­ed walk­ing and singing her new song “Mera piya ghar aaya …O Ramji .…” and my voice slow­ly and slow­ly went on increas­ing.. My elder sis­ter said ” Ruchi stop ..chalti road pe nahi gaate …” and kept walk­ing after she walked few steps she real­ized that I am not walk­ing along with her , when she turned back she saw me sit­ting in mid­dle of road.

She returned back to me and asked, “Why are you sit­ting on road ?” Get up let’s go back home .…

I told her, ” Didi kaun bola tumko road chal rahi hai…main gaa sak­ti hoon, chal­te chal­te gaate hai …road nahi chal rahi …”

Very angri­ly she took me back home and told all mom all what hap­pened, mum­my scold­ed me and said as all moth­ers says ” Char log dekhte toh kya kehte…aaise road pe baithe hai?”

My head down I only said, ” Mum­my waha do log bhi nahi the .…char kaha se dekhte ”

I got good bash from papa after that, but now when we think about this inci­dent we all smile and remem­ber old good times.

Wish to turn back and go back to child­hood.


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