Ways to boost fertility

It’s make anyone sad and totally broken down on hearing infertility results or the sperm count was low. The only reason that one used to think of is their poor lifestyle choices. It’s time to visit a fertility clinic in Mumba. The examination showed that the sperm count reduction cause could be one of the eating habits and other lifestyle choices. Time to underwent a strict diet and natural therapy which includes a few medicines as well. It takes 6 months to reverse my body functions. In this article, we are going to talk about the things that will help you boost your infertility.
1. Healthy Diet: Eating nourishing food filled with anti-oxidants will reduce your odds of being infertile. Include vitamin c, iron, protein, zinc and vitamin d in your food in a daily basis because deficiency in these have linkage to infertility. Consult your doctor and let him know your diet. He might suggest you some multivitamin supplements and these are used to fill the deficiency gap.
2. Reduce your alcohol intake: Alcohol intake and infertility is directly proportional. Reduce your alcohol intake take be completely nourished with a good fertility health. Coffee is another thing you should be vary about. You should look into your caffeine intake while you are pregnant. Caffeine affects female hormone level and this will decide how long it will take for you conceive.
3. Weight: Are you obese? This is one of the warning signs of your infertility health. Size of your waist line and sperm health are directly linked. One of my friend who is fertility expert in a fertility clinic in Pune told that obese men are more likely to be infertile than fitter men. Once you start eating a healthy diet and start exercising daily 45 mins at least, your obese cycle will reverse.
4. Pesticides: Most of the food which we eat outside comes in the adulterated form which is causing us more harm than we will ever know. Human reproductive health will not be able to handle these chemicals. The result are gruesome that sometime it may lead to irreversible infertility.
5. Jeans and Laptop: Doctors have claimed that prolong wear of jeans over a long time leads to infertility. This is because of the heat that is produced when we are wearing it. The testicles need to be cooler than the rest of the parts of the body. Heat from the laptop can also kill your sperm. Radiation from devices like mobile phones and WiFi are subjected to high risks like cancer.
6. Smoking: Smoking is known to reduce the length of the male reproductive organ and also kills sperms. Smokers are 4 times more likely to be infertility compared to the non-smokers. Smoking does a permanent damage to our reproductive health apart from other health risks.

*Guest post- Kindly refer your doc in case of any health issues!!


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