The Derma Co- Dermatologist Designed Skin Care Regimen

With growing up pollution, change of lifestyle and many other factors one thing which suffers a lot is our skin and we always look out for some good remedies and perfect dermatologist who can suggest us treatment according to our skin.

For this problem, The Derma Co comes in to solve these problems which need more attention and provide the best solution to every problem and prescribed effective skincare products in India.

How The Derma Co. works?

With multiple doctors and industry experts who work together to create a solution to this problem for Indian millennials. The Derma Co. give you a perfect solution with the right diagnosis your concerns & then dermatologists build customized Skincare regimen to solve your problems. 

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Do take free skin assessment according to your problem- Acne, Acne marks or Pigmentation.

With 3 very simple steps where you have to answer some medical answer, click and upload your pic and then the dermatologist designed the Skin Care regimen plan with prescription medication.

I have taken up this test and for my pigmentation and received my customized skincare regimen for pigmentation. It’s 21 days course needs to done and after the test, my customized box reached me in a well-packed way and with steps to follow how to take it ahead.

They have sent my customized skincare regimen with 4 steps to follow for 21 days.

They mentioned that this pack will help my skin to TREAT from 4-8 weeks where it will treat the underlying problems. It will REPAIR for 6-10weeks and in this stage, it will help to repair the effects of the skin and the last stage would be MAINTAIN where we need to take care of our skin once completely healed.

Step 1: Cleanse

The Derma Co

The very first step is for maintaining a clean and clear, vibrant complexion. This cleanser removes excess oil and debris and keeps skin pores unclogged.

With dermatologically tested this cleanser contains Mandelic acid, Glycolic acid, and Salicylic acid and it is Paraben and SLS free.

Step 2. Treat

The Derma Co

Under this step, two products need to be used Kojic Acid Cream for pigmentation which is suitable for anyone with hyperpigmentation, sun shots or dark shots. To be used twice daily on a clean face in the day time. Another one is 20% Vitamin C Serum which has Vitamin C with Ferulic acid and to is used in the night time.

Step 3: Moisturize

The Derma Co

As we know that moisturizer need to be used to prevent the dryness of your skin and to keep it soft and supple. This moisturizer not only hydrates and nourishes but also strengthens skin. I am applying this twice a day.

The Derma Co

Step 4: Protect

Now comes the important part that it’s in your hand to protect your skin after this treatment and for that, you get this 4th step SPF 60 PA+++ Ultra Matte Sunscreen Gel for broad-spectrum protection which will protect you against the line, wrinkles, inflammation, and dark spots. This is ultra-light and oil-free which makes it the best Sunscreen for Oily skin too.

Use this before 15-30 min to sun exposure as it absorbs quickly its invisible lightweight protection.

I am taking up this treatment with a Customized Skin Care regimen for pigmentation. You can also get your free test and get the perfect solution. Even for Acne, you can get your own Customized Skincare regimen for Acne

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