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Well I always love prompts and Amrita & Tina you both have given me prompt for which I always wanted to write, you know why ??because people always ask me how you manage all so many things at same time ??

Answer is my only one habit for which I am thankful to my mother(I am so inspired by her will always find her name somewhere or other in my posts) and GOD for blessing and teaching me to have habit of TIME MANAGEMENT.

Being a mother of two naughty kids (8 years and 1 year) at home, it’s sometime tough to see what to do or not. I love blogging, taking writing challenges, playing online facebook and twitter contest which has given me name and recognition many times by winning big prizes, love cooking (I can’t have simple food as I am big foodie), love trying different recipes,  weekends guests always welcomed, staying with and taking care of inlaws keeps me and makes me happy and above all all my domestic engineering job but I love all this because of my habit “Time Management”.

I think is quality I inherited from my mom as a child she always goes for state level competitions and all of cooking but she manages so well never effected our studies and health and she continuously won championship trophy in cooking for 3 years. It was purely her dedication and willingness to do without effecting her home and support of my dad which made her strong. Thanks maa, for giving me this habit of managing time.

If you can manage your time, you can manage our life and you can only manage your time IF you want to do something otherwise there are 100s of excuses available for doing nothing.

This small poem for everyone written by me 🙂

??? ?? ????? ??

??? ?? ??? ??? ?? 
?? ??? ????? ??? 
?? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?? 
??? ?? ??? ?? 
??? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ??? ?? 


Tina Basu

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. Time is money too! Time is the most precious asset that is given equally to all of us, depends how we use it to progress.. Kavita accha hai btw 🙂

  2. A very useful habit to have if you want to be successful. You have learnt an excellent habit of time management from your mother .Time and time waits for no man.
    Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays.It’s a pleasure to have you again with us.
    Congratulations on being our first runner up for our inaugural week.I have DM ed you for a special chat session

  3. I agree with you that lack of time management is only an excuse for doing nothing. After becoming mother for the second time i felt that i had no time for anything other than the kids. I am very inspired by your write up and am myself on a quest to fit in more in my 24 hours

  4. Very well said. If we replace time with money here, it will still make sense. 🙂 Both need management. And oh yes, also emotions 🙂 keep writing. Love your works!

  5. A wonderful habit to have, Ruchi! Even I have been wondering how you do so much,, and now I know your secret!:)

  6. A wonderful habit to be thankful of Ruchie! Now I know the secret behind you success, and I am sure to check in how this works with me

  7. In the United States, we have a saying “if you need something done, ask a busy person”. Time management is the secret.

  8. Very well written Ruchi – Time is money and time management is very important

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