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She is bold and confident with full of commitment and she decided to be a part of Miss India 2018, Radhika Joshi is one of the finalists of Maharastra state, West Zone who is a step closer to a golden ticket to the pageant. 

A law student of Symbiosis Law school, Pune Radhika believes in dreams, dreams which can come true with dedication and courage. 

She shared few things with me after she was declared as one of the promising finalists in Infinity Mall, Malad on 6th May 2018.


Q: What inspired you to participate in FBB Colors Femina Miss India 2018?

Radhika: I’ve always believed that the will and inspiration to achieve anything in life should come from within. Miss India is a platform which not only provides each and every girl an opportunity to be the best version of herself but also empowers us from within so that we can go ahead empower each and every woman out there. I strongly stand by the phrase – ‘When you empower a woman, you empower a generation’. radhika

Q: Who is your inspiration? 

Radhika: I remember listening to this outstanding speech given by Mr. Matthew Mcconaughey, wherein he said that 10 years from the time he was standing on the platform, receiving the Oscar, he wanted to be better than what he was at that moment. My inspiration is me and this inspiration comes from within. I want to be better than what I was yesterday and I want to be my own hero. 

Q: Maharashtra is a state of dreams and culture. What would you like to improve in your State for its betterment?

RadhikaMaharashtra is my birth state and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it. A few things that I would love to improve in Maharashtra would be the situation regarding the industrial development so that the employment, in turn, can increase. The second would be to promote tourism in Maharashtra because of its one of the most beautiful states with rich culture and heritage. As a law student, I also feel that providing equal quality of good education to each and every person is the key to development in any state. 

Q: What preparation are you doing for the finale? 

RadhikaI think preparation should be both in terms of having a healthy mind and a healthy body. I read a lot of inspirational books and watch a lot of inspirational movies and try and be positive at all times. Working out and doing any form of exercise that you love is the key to staying happy and content from within and I ensure that I never miss my workout. I also am not fussy about how I look on the exterior, but I focus more on how I can be knowledgeable, intelligent and of some use to others. Beauty is skin deep but intelligence is deeper. Radhika

Q: What are your hobbies and what is your stress buster?

Radhika: I love to read, watch movies and spend quality time with my pets. I hate sleeping because I am a very restless person and I constantly need to be doing something. I think an empty mind is a devil’s workshop! Moreover, ‘Suits’ is my all-time favorite television show and I can rewatch all the seasons a million times.

Q: Any message for co-contestants? 

RadhikaAlways love, respect and believe in yourself first, before anybody else. I think we all as co-contestants know that we’re not here to defeat each other but we’re here together to make a difference and that’s what makes each girl so unique and special. 

Q: Message for your fans and readers of wigglingpen?

RadhikaThank you for all your constant love and support. I promise to give my best and make you’ll proud. Furthermore, this was an amazing set of questions and I had a lot of fun answering them:)

We wish you all the best for 13th May finale of West Zone crowing.

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