Perfect pregnancy with little precaution

Pregnancy is not only a new life for women but also a great news and new bond for everyone.

Yes, she needs a little extra precaution, love, and care and along with that, she needs to be careful and responsible for herself.

When this new life enters some small but yet important facts we actually miss out which could be dangerous.

Some tips or say pregnancy precautions to be taken care of when you are going to bring new life into this world.

  1. Make sure you select best doctor and best hospital for upcoming months. Check out the best hospital in Delhi.
  2. Having proper meal is important, must east all types of food, vegetables, and fruits but yes royally ignore forbidden one in this time like papaya and pineapples.
    Make sure you have a proper diet rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and fats too.
  3. Don’t ignore Vitamin D in your meals, for non-vegetarians fish and egg yolks are best and for vegetarians, you can check with your doc for best Vit D supplements.
    Not to mention sunlight is very important source so don’t lock yourself in the home go out in sunlight for best Vitamin D.
  4. Calcium is equally important so NO excuse in milk, twice a day.
  5. Please don’t fill up yourself in one go while having meals, divide your meals into 2- hours. Remember, an excess of anything is bad.
  6. You are more inclined towards catching flu and infection so make sure talk to your gynecologist and take proper medication in case of flu and infection. Don’t be your doctor yourself.
  7. Exercise regularly, go for walk but make sure to consult to your doctor for the same.
  8. Must eat iron and folic acid supplements as prescribed by your doctor, it helps in the spine and nerve cell development of the fetus.
  9. Regular visiting the doctor is a must.
  10. Don’t drink and smoke when you are pregnant as it will affect very bad for your child and your health.
  11. Dieting can be done later, time to increase weight, eat a healthy and good meal. Don’t go on diet thinking you are gaining weight.
  12. Don’t take stress and depression, talk to loved ones or people whom you want to speak our heart. Be relaxed and live happily.
  13. Have enough sleep as you will go with so many hormonal changes, sometimes feel lazy and sleepy. Sleep properly to main energy and you will not feel tired.
  14. Don’t miss to visit a doctor as they prescribed. Be regular at these check-ups let you know how the baby is developing in the womb and if there’s an issue, it can be detected and solved on time. 
Read more about precautions during pregnancy.

These are precautions which will make your pregnancy more happy journey.

 Apart from taking care of yourself if you are in Delhi, I will suggest to go ahead to Sitaram Bhartia and get best doctors to take care of you and your coming child.

They have best doctors and they run some amazing programs which I got to know my sister who was getting treated there.

You will not be treated as a patient but as a family and take great care and prepare you for every coming situation. They run some amazing programs for to be mom and dads.

Under their Maternity program, they run Antenatal Class:

Journey through Pregnancy, which has a great concept and learning, where to be parents learn about common problems and changes due to pregnancy, fetal growth, healthy diet and exercises during this period.

The other class is labor and delivery.

I feel this is best for first-time moms and dads too. In this, they learn how to know when the right time to rush to the hospital, the right time to know that yes, this is a sign of labor pain.

Apart from knowing the signs of labor pain experts tell them how to handle this pain and some other relaxation techniques.

Now yes, these are not only classes taken under maternity program as I told they don’t treat you just as a patient but as a family.

So, this hospital makes sure when you go back what all care you need to take.

For such they have Postnatal Care where they educate that a new mother also needs as much care as the new-born.

At this, parents learn how to prioritize their healthcare after delivery and how to return back to a healthy lifestyle.

From mothers to the newborn this hospital makes sure everyone get proper care and new parents have proper knowledge. For such they have a workshop for preparing for new arrivals.

In this class, they prepare to be parents with second and third trimesters that how to provide the best care for their baby and how to take care of a newborn.

They treat you like a family and coming newborn as their own baby. So, enjoy your pregnancy with them and just be relaxed as you are in proper hands of the team.

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