As a moth­er of two lit­tle munchkins, I am always wor­ried about their safe­ty. Safe­ty not only from unwant­ed acci­dents but also with their health. 

It’s easy to teach kids to be safe, not talk to strangers and go along with them but what if play­ing out­side becomes dan­ger­ous because of mos­qui­to bites and it becomes life dan­ger.

Dengue, Malar­ia and many such scary dis­eases scare me when it comes to my fam­i­ly. It’s not only evening time when you can get attacked by mos­qui­toes but it could be any time of the day.

I got a solu­tion to my fear — Nat­u­ral Mos­qui­to Repel­lent.

What is Natural Mosquito Repellent?

Good Knight  is one of the known brands believes in giv­ing and sav­ing us every day from unwant­ed dis­eases inside and out­side.

We all take care when we are at home but what when our fam­i­ly mem­bers step out of home for office, school and play­ing.

Com­ing to nat­u­ral mos­qui­to repel­lent I feel it is the best solu­tion to pre­vent a loved ones from being bit­ten by mos­qui­toes. If you are step­ping out just use it and be safe.

Why Good knight Fabric Roll-On?

I trust Good knight Fab­ric Roll-On because of few very sim­ple and valid rea­sons for my fam­i­ly:

  • 100% Nat­u­ral: As claimed by the com­pa­ny each bot­tle of Good knight Fab­ric Roll-On con­sists of pure cit­ronel­la and euca­lyp­tus oil.
  • Pae­di­a­tri­cian cer­ti­fied as baby safe: It is absolute­ly safe for chil­dren and babies. For 0 to 2-mon­th-old babies, apply on prams, cots or strollers and old­er than 2 months, apply 4 dots on clothes as direct­ed.
  • Easy 4 dots appli­ca­tion on clothes: Just 4 dots for com­plete out­door pro­tec­tion.
  • 8-hour pro­tec­tion:  Pro­tects from all kinds of mos­qui­toes for 8 hours includ­ing those spread­ing dengue, malar­ia & chikun­gun­ya.
  • Avail­able in 2 fra­grance vari­ants: Bub­blegum Fra­grance and Cit­rus Fra­grance.

Good Knight Roll On Good Knight Roll On

Good knight Fab­ric Roll-On has been clas­si­fied as per Ayurvedic Med­i­cine as it con­tains plant-based oils such as cit­ronel­la and euca­lyp­tus, which makes it an ayurvedic for­mu­la, as per Ayurvedic Med­i­cine Law.
I am using this as when my kids are going to school or for an out­door activ­i­ty, it is made of non-stain­ing ingre­di­ents and will not stain clothes, in a reg­u­lar wash cycle.
As we all know that preg­nant wom­en are more prone to catch dis­eases this fab­ric roll on is real­ly safe for preg­nant ladies. 
Safe­guard your fam­i­ly with mos­qui­to con­trol , and as men­tioned that it con­sists of pure  “euca­lyp­tus oil for mos­qui­toes” and “cit­ronel­la oil for mos­qui­toes” it is safe for your entire fam­i­ly.
This amaz­ing roll-on for your fam­i­ly safe­ty are avail­able at stores near you as well as on e-com­merce web­sites like Big Bas­ket, Ama­zon, Gro­fers, and First­Cry.

To know more, check this url — Good knight Fab­ric Roll-on 


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