For every child her/his father is BEST ‚his pride strongest per­son and above all his idol and anchor of life but if you see from point of view a father it’s like they best feel­ing for a father to see grow­ing his son and he relive his child­hood with him and pam­pers and pro­tects his daugh­ter from world like a safe­ty shield .…
We always heard about moth­ers …that moth­er did lot for kids …my mom sac­ri­fices this and that but today I am through my this post on my blog would love to draw atten­tion towards nev­er demand­ing nev­er expect­ing in return to fathers …who also plays sim­i­lar role in upbring­ing us… Every­body says my dad is my role mod­el yes mine too but this rela­tion­ship of a child and a father is very very beau­ti­ful more than we see to it . You know what all need­ed to make this rela­tion­ship more beau­ti­ful and love­able

A father is a role mod­el for a child 

Have you ever think why your child thinks you as a role mod­el ??

Because you are the first per­son in your child’s life whome he fol­lows blind­ly. Your atti­tude, val­ues beliefs every­thing you do they fol­low you and wish to be like you so show them real val­ues in life .. Talk to them they fol­low you blind­ly so try to bring out what they are good at and make them strong to ready role mod­el for oth­ers.

Your work can wait …but your kids child­hood will not …spent qual­i­ty time with them watch them grow­ing , be a part of their first day of school ..first sports meet , first awards , I know in today’s bust sched­ule it’s tough but sure­ly not impos­si­ble…
Spend good time on week­ends … Believe me A moth­er is very impor­tant but a fathers pres­ence gives emo­tion­al sta­bil­i­ty in life 
So both are equal­ly impor­tant but for every child is real­ly pos­ses­sive about his moth­er. Treat mom with respect and love as I said you are a role mod­el for your kid so he will also respect wom­en in life …


My father always said BE STRONG AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !!! As he has given me best child­hood and my mom a respect­ful life I am sure read­ers of my blog my this post will give and must be giv­ing best to their kids !!!

Remem­ber fam­i­ly who eat togeth­er is hap­py fam­i­ly .… Make your fam­i­ly a hap­py fam­i­ly !!!


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6 Thoughts to “My Daddy Strongest — Parenting”

  1. wooow , ruchi its won­der­ful to read your blog arti­cle and I tru­ely agree fathers has equal impor­tant role as moth­er. my daugh­ter is more of PAPA GIRL and she get upset , if she does not see him. some­time i wor­ried , if any mishap hap­pen I am not able to han­dle my daugh­ter emo­tion. God do not lis­ten to my words just pro­tect my fam­i­ly that all i want .
    noth­ing is greater than to see fam­i­ly hap­py

  2. Yes, very amaz­ing­ly writ­ten! For me too my dad­dy is my hero! 🙂

    1. Trea­sure every moment with your dad gal?

  3. sumita kapoor

    very true father shared the equal respon­si­bil­i­ties like moth­er my 3 year old daugh­ter is so much attached with her father. For my doll her father is her super­hero

    1. Yes!! Daugh­ters first hero is always her dad …

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    Ruchi has beau­ti­ful­ly pen down the rela­tion­ship of a father with their chil­dren.

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