Month of festivals – August

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August!! A month filled with festivals…I just love this month as my 2 fav festivals join hands together along with the most precious relationship.

Every festival brings many old memories and more on the way to cherish for lifelong. 

This month start festivals which goes till March and we start making and storing more memories. 

Starting with Independence day full month excite for upcoming festivals.

Festival of freedom – Independence Day (15th August)


I still remember when I was in school August means practicing for my fav day 15th August “Independence Day”. 

The day we celebrate our independence which not only brings happiness but also responsibility being a right citizen for our country.

Singing patriotic songs, parade and flag hosting gives so much proud moment in life which can never be explained in words.


Festival of friendship


Friendship week gives not only time to well spend with friends but also let them know how much they have importance in your life. 

Friends are always someone whom you can rely on for life and it is said if you carry your friendship for 7 years you are no more friends, you are more than a family. 

I feel blessed I have such friends in life. 


Treasure your friends as they are direct blessings from God.

Festival of Emotion: Rakhi/Rakshabandhan


Bonded with love, care and promise to stick together in every situation of life, that is only one relationship it’s bond of brother and sister. 

Now if you are looking for gifting ideas for Rakhi, check this out.

With sweets, tikka and one thread which is filled with love and unconditional bond this festival are one of the lovely festivals which is enjoyed by everyone in the family.  


Festival of God’s own country Kerela – Onam


I studied in the south and Onam is what I have seen getting celebrated with great enthusiasm and love. Festival as sweet as people of Kerela and Onam decorations is certainly taken away the heart.

Celebrated 10 days this festival is one of the major celebrations of this month.


For which festival do you wait the most…Do let me know in the comment section below!!

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  1. Yes, months of festivals bring a lot of joy and happiness in families. Eagerly waiting for them.

  2. seriously!!!! i totally forgot that we’ve so many festivals to look forward to. many holiday and lots of fun to plan. thanks for sharing

  3. This post feela like august in a glance.. you beautifully wrote about the about all 4 occasions.. love ur personalised touch to the article with ur pics.
    Keep Writing
    Yogita Joshi

  4. This is such a sweet miss my brother on Rakhi

  5. Really August is the month of festivity. It’s special for me coz my mom and hubby’s birthdays are in August too

  6. OMG!!!! I totally forgot that we have so many holidays this month to look forward too… thanks for sharing

  7. My favourite has always been 15th August! We practiced and had no classes for a whole week when I was in school!

  8. Wow! This is so amazing

  9. True, August marks the beginning of the festive season. Your narrative actually infused festivity in mundane Life. Thanks for sharing ?

  10. That is true the festival season start in India ,
    My fav is rakhna bandhan I have never seen celebrations of Oman but it sounds great.

  11. Yes , August marks the herald of the festive season in India.My favourite is Raksha Bandhan because it gives me an opportunity to bond with my siblings.

  12. Indeed, I love August as it is an onset of festivities which makes the aura so charming. It brings us closer to our friends and family.

  13. So true i wait for August to come always as i want holiday after 3 month continues school

  14. As August approaches there is a distinct festive air! It is months of festival and events from Aug to Nov!

  15. August is my favorite month too coz along with all festivals my mom and sasu mom celebrates their birthday on 15th August… Also I am eagerly waiting for rakshabandhan as it’s my fav festival.

  16. I am looking for the new Oppo7 as my gift. So you can decide which festival this month you would gift me the same. If you ask me, I am okay with any. :p

  17. Truly, August marks the start of festivities in India. It’s only in this month that we start feeling festive and that continues until December.

  18. Wonderful post. Made me kind of revisit my childjood too. Biggest festivals where I am from are Durga puja and bow i miss celebrating that now

  19. I eagerly wait for Friendship Day and Rakhi. Independance Day is something we all come together for and celebrate as Indians.

  20. that’s a lovely post I agree there are so many festivals in August I always liked Independence Day in school.

  21. Month of August gives us live for nation, love for friends and love for bhaiya and bhabhi.. All come together to celebrate with joy..

  22. Yes so many festivals are coming our way. Looking forward to celebrate in every fun way.

  23. True, August is the month filled with festivities and joy.

  24. Sounds Good…I got the much clear idea about the festivals celebrated in the month of August. Thanks for sharing.

  25. August is the month that starts the festivities from independence day to raksha bandhan to janmashtami.

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