Miss India Goa 2018 – Aashna Gurav

30 girls from 30 states are all set and ready to explore more but let me share what Miss India Goa 2018 shared with wigglingpen. 

Aashna Gurav is one of the smiling faces I saw in Miss India West zone crowing 2018  she told that she loves to sing and a trained in Bharat Natyam for 7 years from Nalanda University. 

Born and bought up in Mumbai she is rooted to her state Goa mentioned that “I’m a total beach baby, absolute coastal kid. Love the coconut water, warm sand, blue waters, and seafood.” 

Miss India Goa

A part-time model and media consultant who is graduated in media took out time for wonderful readers to answer some quick questions.

Miss India GoaQ. What inspires you to get participated in fbb Colors Miss India 2018?

Aashna: I really want to make a change. I’m determined to do so. I’m extremely passionate about the Runway as well. So while I do what I enjoy, I can also accomplish my dream. This platform means everything to me. Even as a child if someone would ask me who I want to be I’d always say I wanna be Miss world one day. And of course, I didn’t know what it meant back then. But now  I’ve developed a burning passion for it and it’s at the forefront of my life’s focus.

Q. Who inspires you the most? 

Aashna: My inspiration is every woman who has outshined herself by breaking stereotypes in the society or doing things what people around her thought she couldn’t do.

Q: Goa is known for almost everyone’s fav holiday destination what would you love to make changes for the betterment of your state after winning this title?

Aashna: A lot of people perceive Goa in only one view. Goa has a lot more than partying and lasting around. There is some great heritage and mesmerizing history that Goa holds and I would like to bring that raw beauty of Goa out to the traveler’s eye.

Miss India Goa
Q. Now, you are the face of your state what preparation you are doing to make it to the finale?

Aashna: For the finale, there’s not any one thing that I’m looking at. You need to be an all-rounder and impressive at everything you do. And I’m working it in every aspect. But the most important thing is to keep your focus sharp and your mind composed. All 30 girls are beautiful. This journey is going to be power packed and hectic. The one who stays calm, composed, maintains her energy up until the end and stays focused will be the one who makes it.

Q. What are your hobbies and stress buster for you?

Aashna: My hobbies are to sing, to cook. The beach is my stress buster, any day!

Miss India GoaQ. Any message for co-contestants.

Aashna: There is a lot to learn from my co-contestants and I’m really looking forward to this fun-filled journey with such beautiful women.

Q. Message for your fans and readers of wigglingpen.

Aashna: For my fans, it’s honestly overwhelming to see their comments, support, and love. I will make them proud for sure. And would just like to leave everyone with the thought that positivity attracts positivity, so stay optimistic and you’ll see how well things turn out!

Thanks, Aashna for sharing your thoughts with us. From everyone who is reading this, my readers and followers wish you all the best for the finale. 

Miss India Goa

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