List Of The Most Crucial Topics Which Should Not Be Missed When Revising For Your Exams

During your board exams, there are specific chapters that play a crucial role. Wave optics NCERT solutions are one of them. But that is not all. There are many other essential chapters that you cannot miss out on when revising for your exams. So, what are those topics? Are they easy for you to understand? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, you have come to the right place. Let us help you learn about them right away for the best experience. 

Wave Optics NCERT Solutions

This one is a crucial part of the Physics paper you are to get during your exams. Since they contain the best sums, they can also be high-scoring. However, it depends on how you prepare them you get to score the best grades. That is why we do not recommend you give up on it. Make sure you focus on each part of this chapter thoroughly. If you face any inconvenience, do not forget to get your hands on a good tutor who can help you out with the same. We promise; it will work wonders for you in need. 

Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter 

This chapter is another essential part of your Physics board exam paper. That is why many Physics teachers ask their students to prepare this chapter thoroughly, which helps leave no room for errors. Yes, this is as important as wave optics NCERT solutions. In this chapter, you are likely to study the experimental study of the Photoelectric effect and electron emission. You also may have to learn about the photoelectric effect, wave nature of matter and dual nature of radiation and matter for the best experience. 

wave optics

Semiconductor Electronics 

If you are looking to learn about semiconductor electronics, this article is all you need. Yes, this chapter is also significant for your Physics exam and may require you to prepare it thoroughly for the long run. It does carry several scores, so you do not want to leave it for the last minute. The chapter is easy to understand, but it also requires you to solve a few question papers to get it right. So, do not forget to do that for the best experience. Also, wave optics NCERT solutions may come in handy with the same. 

Alternating Current 

Amidst all other important chapters from Physics that you need to prepare for your board exams, alternating current is the need of the hour. In this chapter, you are likely to learn about alternating current waveform, generation of alternating voltage, and current. Apart from this, you may also have to study alternating current VS direct current. That is why we ask you to prepare for this chapter comprehensively. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some of the most significant chapters that you cannot miss at all when revising for your board exams. So, get on with it and see the results they bring for you. We promise; you will not be disheartened at any cost. 

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  1. wow, to imagine that there exist such posts on the internet for kids to benefit from during exams specially in difficult times like now is such a great things. I am truly impressed, Ruchi

  2. IMO, there’re three types of examinees.

    One, for whom the whole syllabus is important. They won’t take a chance by leaving anything.

    Two, for whom important chapters matter a lot and their life depends on right guessing. If all goes well, their selective chapter’s preparation might get them better results than the category one guys. But then, this is a kind of bidding.

    Three, for whom nothing matters. Even if they do at least one chapter, that’s too much for them.

  3. Well this just reminded me why I dropped physics after class tenth ?

    1. Hahaha!! I dropped science stream because of Chemistry!!

  4. This is a perfectly penned article dear… its really very helpful for many students. Its a great read

  5. I never liked Physics. Biology and Chemistry was my favorite subjects. This post is going to help many kids and their parents Ruchie. Currently, I don’t have anyone in my family with science but have a couple of friends. Will surely share this post with them.

  6. I remember learning these topics in my Physics class and tell my daughter now to keep an eye on these chapters as they come.

  7. This post reminds me of my old days. This is going to be very helpful for kids preparing for board exams.

  8. I am sure kids preparing for exams will find this helpful.

  9. Just reminded of my physics class during my school days.

  10. This post is significant especially since the Board exams are around the corner. Thank you for the tips.

  11. I think now the board has changed its pattern also, now two boards exams are happening, the first one is only MCQ.

  12. Many of these topics are so difficult and definitely need to be studied well.

  13. your post has reminded me my high school days. physics was not my favorite subject and I used to make notes of important topics to revised during exam. your post is really helpful for students who want to get a quick revision of important topics.

  14. I wish somebody had shared and written this when I was a student 😛

  15. Ohh God, I dont want to give any more exam.

  16. My son would be appearing for his board exams in two years and I definitely want him to start thinking on how he can prepare himself better. Your tips on essential chapters and topics that cannot be missed out while revising for your exams is useful.

  17. I am going to save this article asy son is still in 10th. Also i was reminded why i left the science stream. You have actually summed it all so neatly. Will help students

  18. Yet again very informative post. It is surely very helpful for kids learning these subjects. I never liked Science. Maths was always my favourite. These were so hard for me to understand as a kid.

  19. That’s nice to see someone posting this sort of info. By the way, are you a physics teacher?

  20. Nice post! Will be helpful for kids doing last minute revisions.

  21. Ohhh, Ruchi your post just reminded me of our time back then. What a helpful post for students?

  22. Really great tips. Yes, current chapter is important but I find it difficult.

  23. For me, the crux is the same as I teach mathematics. This post will definitely add something to kids who are preparing for exams.

  24. These are the topics if one glance through then the paper seem easy, very good effort Ruchi in consolidating all pointers.

  25. My son have chosen commerce but yes, he missed some important details in his SSC exams.

  26. Wow! You reminded me of all those dreaded concepts from school! I am sure this post will help many students!

  27. Very crucial yet helpful pointers to get prepared for Physics exams. Physics has always been my favorite subject, which always goes on very straight logic and formulas.

  28. Good point and useful for students. as even this year is online studies. such points would be good notification for them

  29. Wow this is greek to me. I’m a mother of two little ones and glad I’ve not reached this stage of taking up their lessons…

  30. Am bookmarking this post for future use, Ruchi! My daughter’s favourite subject is Science and this will surely come in handy later. Thanks for writing this and looking forward to such useful posts. #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks

  31. This is so informative! I wish I had such resources when I was studying and finding it so hard to cope up with the Physics syllabus.

  32. This would be helpful for the kids preparing for the exams.

  33. Perfect article for students. Must read

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