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When my mar­riage got set­tled every­one told and tried mak­ing me under­stand that “it’s a rela­tion­ship of com­pro­mise, adjust­ment and deal­ing with many ups and downs and major part if you want peace & hap­pi­ness don’t tell every­thing to your hus­band , there are few things you should not tell to your hub­by ” I kept won­der­ing why ??

Final­ly the D-day arrived and I got mar­ried to the most won­der­ful per­son on this earth Mayank, and he made me real­ize that mar­riage is not only part of com­pro­mise and adjust­ment. You need to be a good no no no best friends before you say or call your­self as a cou­ple!!

How to turn your UNHAPPY MARRIED life to HAPPY MARRIED life?

  1. Be your spouse best friend : Why to go out­side and search for some­one to speak your heart out …why not some­one who can lis­ten and avail­able to you 24/7. Your spouse can def­i­nite­ly be your best friend. If I tell you about me, I & Mayank are best friends as we share our secrets and every­thing before we can tell any­one. I know he is there for me any­time to lis­ten and give me true sug­ges­tions and my best crit­ic.
  2. No guilt: If in case you did some­thing wrong and want to con­fess you can always turn to your spouse and let him know, as when you share hap­py and healthy rela­tion­ship of friend­ship you can tell and say sor­ry.
  3. Part­ner in Crime: You don’t need to call & check of your friend is free or not to go out with you, just make a plan and be with your part­ner in crime around a clock and have fun…we do so reg­u­lar­ly.
  4. Smile & for­give: When you are friends more than cou­ple it’s easy to for­give with a smile and car­ry on with the flow of life.
  5. Be spinal cord of each oth­er: You will nev­er look to any oth­er per­son for sup­port as you know in any tough time your best friend, your spinal cord , your sup­port sys­tem is there as you are best friends.

I feel lucky and high­ly blessed to have such a per­son in my life who is my bestest friend before my hub­by. I want to say thanks and pay my grat­i­tude towards GOD for giv­ing me my best FRIEND and such a sup­port­ive & encour­ag­ing hus­band who fills in life with smiles, gig­gle, fun and hap­pi­ness…

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