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When my marriage got settled everyone told and tried making me understand that “it’s a relationship of compromise, adjustment and dealing with many ups and downs and major part if you want peace & happiness don’t tell everything to your husband , there are few things you should not tell to your hubby ” I kept wondering why ??

Finally the D-day arrived and I got married to the most wonderful person on this earth Mayank, and he made me realize that marriage is not only part of compromise and adjustment. You need to be a good no no no best friends before you say or call yourself as a couple!!

How to turn your UNHAPPY MARRIED life to HAPPY MARRIED life?

  1. Be your spouse best friend : Why to go outside and search for someone to speak your heart out …why not someone who can listen and available to you 24/7. Your spouse can definitely be your best friend. If I tell you about me, I & Mayank are best friends as we share our secrets and everything before we can tell anyone. I know he is there for me anytime to listen and give me true suggestions and my best critic.
  2. No guilt: If in case you did something wrong and want to confess you can always turn to your spouse and let him know, as when you share happy and healthy relationship of friendship you can tell and say sorry.
  3. Partner in Crime: You don’t need to call & check of your friend is free or not to go out with you, just make a plan and be with your partner in crime around a clock and have fun…we do so regularly.
  4. Smile & forgive: When you are friends more than couple it’s easy to forgive with a smile and carry on with the flow of life.
  5. Be spinal cord of each other: You will never look to any other person for support as you know in any tough time your best friend, your spinal cord , your support system is there as you are best friends.

I feel lucky and highly blessed to have such a person in my life who is my bestest friend before my hubby. I want to say thanks and pay my gratitude towards GOD for giving me my best FRIEND and such a supportive & encouraging husband who fills in life with smiles, giggle, fun and happiness…

This post is written for Write Tribe #FridayReflections under prompt “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”


Thank you Vidyaji for the prompt. Love and Light to you ! This post is for #GRATITUDECIRCLE


Thanks for reading this post, comment your valuable suggestions … don’t forget to sharing Knowledge is gaining Knowledge!!!!

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  1. I believe in sharing is caring, and one more thing I find to get the relationship going is trust.

  2. Wish you and Mayank good wishes.

  3. So true.. completely agree to you…Happy to connect #zarahatkeblogreads

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