Globe Trotters — Exploring United Kingdom

The mas­cots Moozoos (WAK, OYO, and Zu) from plan­et MOZO (Know here about them) arrived on earth to explore dif­fer­ent coun­tries.

With Globe Trot­ters, they land­ed to the beau­ti­ful, roy­al and diverse land of Unit­ed King­dom and so much loved the place by amaz­ing cities and famous places and decid­ed to send wig­gling­pen a box to explore. 


Globe Trot­ters Box is a month­ly learn­ing sub­scrip­tion box in India, for kids aged 4 to 12. Each mon­th a coun­try-themed box is deliv­ered straight to your doorstep. 

Create, Play, and Learn 

The­me on which team Globe Trot­ters work on. 

Subscription Steps:

1. Choose your child’s age group– 

4–6 years (Lit­tle Explor­ers) or

6–12 years (Young Explor­ers)

2. Receive your month­ly box with 4 to 5 activ­i­ties that revolve around a coun­try, all activ­i­ty with prop­er mate­ri­al and guide­li­nes. 

3. Let your lit­tle one explore the world. 

4.  Also, the first box comes with a large world map and a pass­port too! Each mon­th your child will receive infor­ma­tion about a new coun­try and stick­ers to add to his pass­port.

Inside the Box:

  1. Large illus­trat­ed world map with the key.
  2. The high-qual­i­ty raw mate­ri­al with step-by-step instruc­tions and pho­tos to make your own UK Big Ben DIY Craft Activ­i­ty Kit 
  3. UK Roy­al Coat of Arms DIY Craft Activ­i­ty.
  4. Activ­i­ty Sheets- Match the cor­rect build­ing images, Crick­et vocab­u­lary puz­zle with pic­tures, rug­by maze puz­zle,  and Roy­al Eng­land Word Search game. 
  5. UK flash cards (To learn more about UK mon­u­ments like The Big Ben, Tow­er of Lon­don, Buck­ing­ham Palace, House of Par­lia­ment Lon­don, The Lon­don Eye, Edin­burgh Castle, West­min­ster Abbey, Stone­henge).
  6. Lon­don City Can­vas and water­col­ors.
  7. UK Sou­venir – Roy­al Guard.

Experience :

My daugh­ter enjoyed and was busy in sum­mer after­noon with cre­ative activ­i­ties. 

Wiggling Verdict:

Wig­gling­pen gives 4.5/5 and rec­om­mends read­ers to def­i­nite­ly give a try and sub­scribe now to GLOBE TROTTERS

One thing which is most impor­tant for every kid needs to learn is “PATIENCE” and this your kid will sure learn from Globe Trot­ters.

It will keep kids engaged for 30min to 1hr.

The qual­i­ty of every activ­i­ty is of pre­mi­um qual­i­ty.

Kids will learn about var­i­ous places and sports, polit­i­cal and geo­graph­i­cal things about the coun­try.

World Map is hit with pic­to­ri­al keys and gives a fun way to learn the map.



Get a chance to win the Small Pyra­mid of Giza Kit from Globe Trot­ters Box!


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    Hope to win this! ?

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