FBB- Sabse Saste 6 din


I feel proud that I’m born in a coun­try with diver­si­ty and full of col­ors and where fash­ion is in the blood of every Indi­an. Wish­ing my read­ers a very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY

This repub­lic day I planned to vis­it apna Indi­an store which is promis­ing “Mak­ing INDIA beau­ti­ful” “FBB — Fash­ion in Big Bazaar “. After won­der­ful “Super 60 sale” I was very eager to check out this “Sab­se saste 6 din (21st Jan to 26th Jan 2017). I select­ed 26th Jan to vis­it as Best Indi­an fash­ion store need to be vis­it­ed on proud Indi­an day and what can be much bet­ter than our 26th Repub­lic day 26th Jan.



Well, the first thing which attract­ed me won­der­ful acces­sories. Just loved so many won­der­ful things and grabbed few for my lit­tle princess too.


I can’t resist and grab 10 best deals in the store

1st pro­duct Yel­low eth­nic kur­ti matched with

2nd pro­duct Blue leg­gings 


Yel­low kur­ti which added grace to look, I tried it with a mul­ti­col­ored scarf too.


3rd pro­duct Den­im jeans along with

The 4th Orange top 


one easy casu­al look I loved.


5th Pro­duct Long pink skirt with

6th sim­ple white tee and

amaz­ing 7th pro­duct Gold­en vest coat 


Lit­tle gold­en bor­der added a sim­ple glow on sim­ple skirt and made it more beau­ti­ful, I loved the vest coat and lit­tle pock­ets in front made me lady Bachchan 😉


8th pro­duct of front slit kur­ti with

9th pro­duct of amaz­ing white Pla­zo 


This is what I was in love with which gives me an indo eth­nic look!!


10th pro­duct One piece blue dress


After all this amaz­ing prod­ucts and sale which every Indi­an wom­an love “PARTY toh ban­ti hai ” so this dress is per­fect for any par­ty !!!

img_8062I loved all the­se prod­ucts which made me look more beau­ti­ful and FBB is keep­ing its promise of “mak­ing India beau­ti­ful”.

I just shot a lit­tle video and spoke to some cus­tomers to know their views about this sale.

Check out the video here.

Must say that FBB is real­ly ” #fREAKINGbLODDYbRILLIANT ” and I feel proud­ly asso­ci­at­ed with them as fbb BLOGSTAR.


Pic cour­tesy: Surb­hi Gup­ta Agar­wal

Video Cour­tesy: Surb­hi Gup­ta Agar­wal

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