FBB — Puzzle Challenge

It’s a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to be a part of fbb Blogstar and I feel all will agree that yes… fbb always have given us some­thing dif­fer­ent and unique activ­i­ty which def­i­nite­ly enhanced our cre­ativ­i­ty, wit­ti­ness and some­times crazi­ness.

After sum­mer vaca­tion hol­i­days when I returned home I found a pack from Blogstar fbb team with this amaz­ing activ­i­ty for me  which was “PUZZLE CHALLENGE” 

Rules which we had to fol­low:


2. Don’t open pack before hand and open when you go live only. 

3. Time will be count­ed as you open the first pin of the pack. 

I was so excit­ed so I decid­ed to go live on my birth­day “28th May” and all set with my daugh­ter who was cov­er­ing my live tele­cast. 

Well, I start­ed and was indul­ge in mak­ing and com­plet­ing puz­zle not real­ized that light was gone and wifi dis­con­nect­ed and so my live tele­cast too and I was not able to com­plete the task as per rules but, I seri­ous­ly enjoyed and the best part was puz­zle was none oth­er than we blogstars pics as a puz­zle. 

Though, I was not able to show full live tel­cast but saved it and shar­ing as much as I did. 

Thanks fbb for giv­ing me won­der­ful oppur­tu­ni­ty to go live on my birh­day !! 😉 

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