Ebook review — Change your believes to change your reality

Nam­rata from Kolkata is a Soft­ware devel­op­er in an IT com­pa­ny. Apart from work, she has ded­i­cat­ed her life to inspire oth­ers to live a beau­ti­ful life which she believes, they tru­ly deserve.

She is a won­der­ful blog­ger who keep on inspir­ing oth­ers with her moti­va­tion­al blog posts. Her recent­ly  pub­lished Ebook “Change your believes to change your real­i­ty” is must read by all young and peo­ple who some­times thinks neg­a­tive in their approach to gain suc­cess.




This one book com­pris­es of total 9 chap­ters which will take you to the jour­ney of your own per­cep­tion and think­ing as my moth­er always told me ” the way you think the way you get in” this book is real­ly com­pris­es all my moth­ers say­ing.

Once you start read­ing this you will realise that yes, some­times we do think the oth­er way , author has very well read your mind and the neg­a­tive beliefs you have and she has also given up ideas how to deal with neg­a­tive thoughts & believes.

Well to say in short this is book is what you belief the way you want to take it…

I will rate this book with 4.5 * stars & it’s def­i­nite­ly going to be on my library shelf !!!

You can get your own copy from http://bit.ly/NamrataKumari

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