DIY Christmas decoration ideas for kids to celebrate this festive season.

Christmas means a fun time for every family and especially for kids. Let’s make this festive season of love and happiness more creative with kids. It’s great to involve kids in this Christmas decoration with some great DIY Christmas ideas.

1. Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Christmas is not possible without a Christmas tree, and when your little ones will make a Christmas tree by themselves, they will surely enjoy it.


1. Take One paper plate, Color it with green acrylic color and cut it into three parts as shown.
2. Place them above each other.
3. Add a brown rectangular card paper behind and decorate as you like.

Pic Credit: Google

2. DIY Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath is used to decorate around the house and with simple A4 size craft papers, it’s easy for kids to make. This is fun and one of the most loved paper craft ideas for Christmas.

With, simple materials available at home lets your little one create this.

3. Santa Claus

Christmas is incomplete without our own Santa, and trust me I still want me to get gifts from my Santa every year. But with my kids, this craft is always my favorite one for Christmas decoration, with simple materials it’s fun to make our own Santa Claus.


1. Take glitter sheets (Red, White, and Black).
2. Cut the shape of Santa’s body with Red sheets, shoes, and belt from Black and beard with white and other decorative items as per your wish.
3. Cut round light brown card paper for face add googly eyes and stick all parts together.
4. We made a bell from the red sheet and fixed it in Santa’s hand.

With these simple and creative ideas, kids will not only learn the value of the festival and enjoy decorating the most loved festival of the year.

Don’t just let them decorate the Christmas, let them enjoy with some carol and lots of cakes, gifts, and happiness.

Christmas Decoration

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  1. Wow Ruchi these are some amazing diy ideas for upcoming festival season. I had made most of these when my girls were little. This year we are planning to make diy Christmas wreath.

  2. We have also made some ornaments last week. And also painted a t-shirt. I liked the Santa Clause. I think my little one will enjoy making this as Christmas craft.

  3. Thanks for this! I am thinking of having a small potluck for Christmas this year and will share these ideas with my son!

  4. Wow. So many easy ideas for Christmas decorations. You have given us lot of task for this weekend. Will try some of these diy for sure.

  5. I am familiar with some of these DIY Christmas decoration ideas but have never tried the paper plate Xmas trees. Thanks! Will be doing that soon!

  6. The Christmas tree is so cute! Kids will definitely enjoy the craft idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I really liked all the DIY ideas . I am gonna try them all . Yes we need to enjoy Christmas with some carol and lots of cakes, gifts, and happiness.

  8. Wow! It is so simple and very easy to make. I will love to do this with my daughter. These are looking very pretty. It will a lot of fun.

  9. I love the DIY decor that you shared. I think my daughter will enjoy trying these at home.Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season

  10. So creative DIYs . These are easy to create and kids will definitely enjoy creating these Christmas decors .

  11. Such fantastic ideas dear, we are doing up our Christmas tree and will surely we using some of these ideas

  12. These are such wonderful decor ideas and so fun for the kids to make them. I loved the wreath especially and it’s great to have such decor around the house.

  13. These are some really cool DIY ideas for Christmas decoration. This year even my son made some DIY ornaments for his Christmas tree. We will try these ideas too, thanks for sharing!

  14. The santa claus and christmas wreath looks so neatly made.. I am surely going to make these with my son. Thanks for these DIY decor ideas.

  15. Super cute diy decoration ideas for christmas! I am a fan of crafts! Will try them for sure.

  16. These crafts are easy and I’m sure kids would enjoy them. Thanks for sharing. My son will enjoy the crafts

  17. I was struggling with my 3 kids for making crafts. These one’s as so easy. Now I can be star in their eyes

  18. These are really cool and easy DIY ideas. I like some of them and might do some with kiddos. Thanks for creating this compilation.

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