August start­ed with this fab­bag and when I opened the box and tak­en out bag I was like Ok !! As July bag was real­ly col­or­ful and look like full of life. 

I feel August is full of fes­ti­val mon­th bag could be more attrac­tive as prod­ucts inside. 


For bag I will give 4/5 

Wait, as we should not always judge things by its pack­ing so let me show what all I got in this bag.

Product 1 # 

MONDSUB 3in 1 Pearl Revitalizing and Brightening 3D Hanging Ears, Neck, and Facial Sheet Mask 

This brand is trend­ing and I was look­ing for such facial sheet mask, it is effec­tive for anti aging, bleach­ing, anti wrin­kle, and bright­en­ing essence. 

This is a 2 step Sheet Mask because it has sep­a­rate sachet for essence as well. 

Apply mask on cleansed face, keep it 15 min and for bet­ter results apply 2–3 times week­ly. 

My Ver­dict: Must try it’s real­ly good and refresh­ing 5/5

  • Full Size — Rs.200/- 

Product 2 # 

Soap Square Foot Soak 

This is SLS, Paraben, and Cru­el­ty-Free with Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Organ­ic Rose petals and Rose Oil. 

Using this in luke­warm water for 15–30 min­utes have given me a great result.

  • Full Size — Rs.400/- for 140gm 

Product 3 #

Natural Bath and Body — Thank God Its Friday! Hair Mist

With fruity fra­grance, it has given pos­i­tive vibes and touch wood no harm to my hairs. 

4/5 My ver­dict 

  • Full Size — Rs.525/- for 100ml

Product 4 #

Bella Voste Premium Lipstick — Peachy Punch

Well, now I am crazy and my lat­est obses­sion is lip­stick but had so many dark shades and fab­bag gives us choice to select our fav to give a try. So, I select­ed Peachy Punch and trust me I got so many com­pli­ments after wear­ing this shade. 

It lasts for 7–8 hours. 5/5 is what I want to give this. 

  • Full Size — Rs.449/- for 4.2gm

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So that’s what all in the August Fab Bag. Let me know your views on this. Stay con­nect­ed for more and Have a Good Day! 


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