Wigglingpen.com is my that little space where I decided to share my little knowledge to gain more knowledge from this entire world and trust me learned a lot and process of learning is still growing.

Now, as I love to write and interact with my readers and followers opening my blog for guest posts, sponsored posts and articles.

Who can connect for guest posts?

Anyone who is passionate about writing meaningful and want to share thoughts with the world with their powerful thoughts and writeup is welcome to connect.

Writing t&c

  1. Only original contents, not published anywhere else, PLAGIARISM free content.
  2. Minimum 400 words saved in Microsoft Word format.
  3. One Image related to the article is mandatory to share separately along with the article.
  4. Punctuation, grammar, and spellings should be taken care of by the author.
  5. You can ONLY be shared on author’s personal blog, and social media pages.
  6. NO Vulgar, Sex and inappropriate content will be acceptable.

My mother always told me “when something comes for free we don’t respect that thing”. So posting or publishing your article with wigglingpen is also not FREE, it will be PAID.

Brands Collaboration:

We are open for brand collaboration also. Connect to know more details.  

How to connect?

Drop an email on ruchie@wigglingpen.com or fill this contact form with your topic and brief your article in the message we can discuss commercial (payment) part.

I am waiting for your happy collaboration with wigglingpen.